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Get Movistar+ Lite free for 30 days
Get Movistar+ Lite free for 30 days

Along the lines that make up this article we are going to see how to be part of the promotion of Movistar+ Lite, whether we are or not Movistar+ customers.

Good things always come out of all the bad, and that is that with the coronavirus quarantine situation that we are currently experiencing, Movistar makes available to all Movistar+ Lite until April 30.

In addition, Movistar+ Lite is not only offered, just like that, but, for 30 days, there will be a considerable expansion of Movistar+ Lite content. In other words, there will be more children's channels, and we will have access to channels that as a general rule would not be on Movistar+ Lite.

Regarding the quarantine situation, Movistar also launched a temporary promotion to improve customer communications. To do this, he has given away 60 GB to browse, in two 30 GB vouchers for two months.

What content will be on Movistar+ Lite during these 30 days?

Free of charge we can access the following list of channels, whether or not we are Movistar customers:

  1. 0.
  2. Let's go.
  3. Movistar Series.
  4. Movistar Seriesmanía.
  5. FOX.
  6. TNT.
  7. Comedy Central.
  8. AMC.
  9. Until April 30 and exceptionally you can also enjoy: Disney Junior, Disney XD, Disney Channel, Nick Junior, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Panda and Baby TV.

Register in Movistar+ Lite

We are going to take the steps simply and quickly so that in a matter of 5 minutes we can enter to enjoy all the contents:

We enter the Movistar website through the link that we leave below these lines

  1. Click on "0 € for the first month".
  2. Introduce the data.
Get Movistar+ Lite free for 30 days
Get Movistar+ Lite free for 30 days
  1. Sometimes there are problems with registration, but nothing happens, you go back and fill out the form again.
  2. If everything goes well, they send us an email to confirm the account.
  3. Now all that remains is to log in to the platform, enter the account number and inform us of the period we have available to enjoy Movistar+ Lite for free.
Get Movistar+ Lite free for 30 days
Get Movistar+ Lite free for 30 days
  1. Once inside, we will have access to all the contents that we have already mentioned and without permanence.

The first month is free, after that it's €8 per month. This strategy was launched by Movistar to compete against Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, etc.

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