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How to see messages that are deleted remotely in WhatsApp
How to see messages that are deleted remotely in WhatsApp

The deletion of WhatsApp messages has been implemented recently but it doesn't seem to be as foolproof as you think since it has a bug. This bug allows us to see the messages that are remotely deleted on WhatsApp any of our contacts.

In any case, unless you know the trick, it probably never occurred to you where you can see these deleted messages, since you can see them without any kind of problem, as we are going to indicate below.

Through the notification log

The Android notification log is to blame for allowing you to see the messages that have been sent to you in any WhatsApp conversation. Despite the fact that the message “this message has been deleted” is reflected in the chat, you can actually see it.

If you want to meet them, try the following:

  1. Ask one of your WhatsApp contacts to send you a message. As soon as I get to you can enter to read it, even if you ignore it You can also read the notification on your phone by sliding it even if it has been deleted by the person who sent it to you, as indicated in Android Jefe.
  2. Even if I delete that last message that he sent you with the new WhatsApp utility, choosing the option “ delete for everyone", Keep in mind that you can continue reading it as follows, as long as you respect the previous point:

1. Add a shortcut to the "notification log" that we have mentioned before. For that, make a long press on the desktop of your phone in an empty area, select “ widgets ” and then hold down the option “access to settings .

How to see the messages that you delete remotely in WhatsApp
How to see the messages that you delete remotely in WhatsApp

two. When you do, drag the icon to the desktop and a list of several options will now appear, from which you must choose “ notification log” with just one click.

3. Enter the new shortcut that has been created and here comes the "magic". Enter any WhatsApp notification and search for “ android.text or Android.bigText”. That is where the message in question that your contact has deleted will appear and that however you have come to see from the notifications, but you have ignored it.

Another detail to know; if you get the message from that contact, you see the notification but don't tap it so that the conversation is opened and the contact deletes the message, here yes you won't be able to read it in the notification log as it will appear as if it has been deleted.


It does indeed work

Through a test we verify that the failure that allows reading deleted messagesfrom the Android notification log works and shows the following screenshots:

  1. In the following three images we can see that " El Grupo Informático" is sent from mobile X (first capture) to mobile Z (second capture). It can be seen in the second image how mobile Z reads the message and in the third the message appears as read on mobile X.
How to see messages that you delete remotely in WhatsApp alt=
  1. We now see from cell phone Z (first capture) how cell phone X, the one that sent the message, has deleted the message (the one at 5:13 p.m.). But indeed if we enter the notifications record following the previous steps we realize that we can continue reading the message.

As you can see, this is quite an important bug because it allows to see the messages that others delete remotely on their WhatsApp. We assume this will be fixed somehow in the future.

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