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Most watched movies and series on Netflix in quarantine
Most watched movies and series on Netflix in quarantine

Netflix is being one of our best allies in this quarantine that we suffer in Spain due to the coronavirus pandemic. But what series and movies are the most watched during the quarantine?

As we well know, on Netflix there is content for all audiences, it is something that we almost always mention in our monthly articles with Netflix releases.



A series of adolescents that launches its third season just when it is most needed, since the quarantine affects the entire population, and among them are the hundreds of thousands of fans of the Elite series.

Toy Boy

Here we find a series that is out of the ordinary, but it does follow the line of great Netflix hits such as secrets, sex, corruption, betrayals, etc.


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A series that is rare the day that it does not appear in the Top 10 on Netflix. Here we narrate the adventures of a mythical Viking hero named Ragnar.

The Vallhala Murders

Another series that is sweeping Netflix and to which this quarantine has greatly benefited.

This is the story of an Oslo police investigator who returns to his hometown in Iceland to help a police officer track down a murderer serially.

Los futbolísimos

A film for the whole family and that has been well liked, which is why it is present in fifth place in the Top 10 on Netflix.

The film lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes. In that time, the school soccer team will have to find out why they always lose, if they can't turn the situation around, the school will close their team and assign the money to a choir.

Lost Girls

Another movie, but in this case it's not for the whole family, but a plot based on real events where a mother looks for his missing daughter and along the way he helps the police solve a series of disappearance cases.

Confidential Spenser

Since it premiered, its audience has not dropped because, in this funny story that lasts almost two hours, the investigation of an ex-police officer and ex-convict is told, along with his partner, an aspiring wrestler.

Living without permission

Another Spanish series that enters the Top 10 on Netflix in Spain and ranks number 8. Here, in two seasons, the story of a businessman and leader of a drug trafficking network who retires due to Alzheimer's and his right-hand man decides to take away everything he has inherited from his son.


A series that arrives in full quarantine due to the coronavirus, and that comes as a glove to distract us. Not only for our amusement, but because in the series, the virus also forces the population to begin quarantine due to a virus that causes a respiratory illness.

Go Karts

A film that lasts about an hour and 40 minutes in which we see how a somewhat reckless young man decides to jump into kart racing.

Apart from all these Netflix series and movies, we recently made a compilation with more than 50 Netflix and Amazon Prime Video series to cope with this quarantine due to the coronavirus.

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