Mail to send letters to those infected by coronavirus
Mail to send letters to those infected by coronavirus

We have heard of an initiative to encourage hospital stays for those infected with coronavirus. It is about writing letters of encouragement and sending them to them through a email address.

The coronavirus pandemic is advancing, and while some of us are quarantined at home, there are those who are alone in a hospital room without contact with anyone, the Internet, or anything, which is why we liked it so much this initiative that values ​​all those who want to send anonymous letters to those who are sick with coronavirus.

In the letters we can count as much as we want, as long as we do not cross certain lines, since it is about brightening the day of hundreds of people. The letters will be anonymous, and it is allowed to add drawings, photos of animals, and anything that serves to cheer up the days in a hospital.

This initiative was the idea of ​​ Cristina Marín, a surgeon at the La Princesa hospital in Madrid, and as she herself comments in the video, this initiative is spreading throughout the country and there are already several hospitals that have come together to encourage the stay of patients with coronavirus.

The email address to which we can send our letters of encouragement, drawings, photos, messages of support, stories overcoming, jokes, etc. is the next:

[email protected]

Having said this, we must clarify that, for the moment, is the only real email addressWhy do we say this? Because cybercriminals are very "smart" and are already creating scam emails and detecting a malicious email is sometimes not easy.

Unofficial emails are being disseminated, with the sole objective of stealing the data of those who send emails to that address.

Mail to send letters to those infected by coronavirus
Mail to send letters to those infected by coronavirus

That is why we insist that the address that appears on the Twitter of @SaludMadrid be used, specifically in the video of Cristina Marín.

If another hospital launches another email, in that case it should be guided by that official source, not by the one that comes to us in a WhatsApp message that has a high probability of being a hoax.

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