Stop Covid-19, the Generalitat's coronavirus app
Stop Covid-19, the Generalitat's coronavirus app

All information about the coronavirus may be little, but if you need more you should know the application that the Generalitat has recently launched. It is a mobile app and it is called Stop Covid-19, through it you can obtain data and know the possibilities of having coronavirus

One of the biggest problems we are facing in recent days is the shortage of tests that allow us to know if a person who is experiencing the symptoms of the coronavirus does indeed have this virus in their body. This is the test that must be done, but in order not to collapse the he alth system, other options arise.

Any help is welcome and Stop Covid-19 can help to a great extent because, despite the fact that it does not allow a certain diagnosis to be given, it can be used to identify possible people who may have coronavirus, in addition to monitoring them and seeing their evolution.

It is an application similar to the web page we told you about a few days ago launched by the Generalitat de Valencia, where you can take a small testto help you determine whether or not you may have coronavirus based on a series of clear symptoms.

The operation of the Stop Covid-19 app is very simple, when you open it you can choose which language you want the app to offer you and Later you will have to enter the CIP of your he alth card, so that you will be perfectly identified to carry out the test.

Stop Covid-19, the Generalitat's coronavirus app
Stop Covid-19, the Generalitat's coronavirus app

Then the questions will begin and you will have to answer as honestly as possible in order to help you discover if the symptoms you have are really (if you have any) could mean you have coronavirus or another ailment.

With the data provided the application is capable of generating a heat map of the community to follow the evolution of the coronavirus. This information will help to relieve congestion in the he alth system and may help you to reach a possible diagnosis.

It is important to truthfully answer the Stop Covid-19 app test, so the he alth system can keep track of your evolutionbased on the data provided and will even activate the emergency system if necessary.

If you live in Catalonia, the Stop Covid-19 app should not be missing from your phone to be able to see how the coronavirus continues in this autonomous community, at the same time that it will help you to establish a probable diagnosis of the virus.

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