Internet traffic drops with clap
Internet traffic drops with clap

In recent days it has become more and more common to go out onto the balconies at a certain time of day to give a applause for the toiletsWell, that has had a curious consequence and that is that Internet traffic has been paralyzed during that moment.

One of the most drastic measures taken by the authorities is carrying out a isolation at home to stop the spread of the coronavirus throughout Spain, a measure that only allows people to go out to do very specific tasks (go to the doctor, pharmacy, supermarket, etc.).

Therefore, what remains is to enjoy spending time at home and perform different tasks, Internet traffic will rise in the coming days due to its increased use, which has meant that platforms like Netflix are forced to soon reduce the quality of their content to avoid saturation.

However, this quarantine has not prevented a nice initiative from being born a few days ago, which consists of everyone going out to their balconies during a specific hour in the evening and starting to have a I applaud the different professionals who are fighting the coronavirus.

There are many people who have joined this moment that lasts a very short time, but enough to show appreciation by professionals and also to produce a spectacular fact that is reflected in some very specific statistics.

In a graph provided by the operator Vodafone, you can perfectly see a curve that reflects Internet traffic on March 17 during 10:00 PM, from 10:00 PM the day before to 8:00 PM on the 17th, there is a significant drop over that time.

Internet traffic drops with the clap
Internet traffic drops with the clap

This descent corresponds to the exit of the families to the balconies to perform the solidarity applause. Although it only lasts 1-2 minutes, the time is enough to reflect a drop in network traffic at that time.

This drop in Internet traffic is comparable to the traffic around 9 in the morning any other day, when it should be the opposite when it comes to an hour in the evening where people are already at home using the Internet, watching TV, etc.

This shows that the initiative of the solidarity applause for the toilets is being massively followed throughout Spain and hence the curious consequence that this entails, that Internet traffic decreases during a certain time of day.

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