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Given the congestion of the number of consultations about the coronavirus in the Community of Madrid, the government of the community has decided to take measures and launch a web page through the which we will be able to know whether or not we could be infected by the coronavirus called Corona Madrid.

No one expected such a rapid spread of coronavirus or COVID-19. In the Community of Madrid is one of the largest outbreaks in the country. Given the saturation of the 112 emergency number, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the president of the Community of Madrid, made available to the people of Madrid the free assistance number: 900 102 112to answer questions about the coronavirus.

After the collapse of the toll-free number, and seeing that multiple users decided to call the emergency number, the Community of Madrid launches Corona Madrid. It is a web page, which will soon have a mobile application.

It should be noted that the Corona Madrid project arrives in order to decongest the toll-free telephone number that is currently available. Although the mobile application is not yet available, they have assured that it will be very soon. The service has been developed by technology companies and doctors from the Community of Madrid

The service has 4 purposes:

  1. Assess the patient's situation based on the symptoms.
  2. Evaluate ourselves every 12 hours and keep our he alth status updated.
  3. Receive instructions and recommendations based on your state of he alth.
  4. Help he althcare professionals.

How does Corona Madrid work?

Next, we will see how this new web page works. The mobile app initially would have a really similar interface so we wouldn't have to worry. This is a process that we should only carry out if we have some type of symptom that may be related to the coronavirus.

It is important to note that Corona Madrid is valid only for those residing in the Community of Madrid.

The first step will be to open the app or website

  1. On the home screen, we will be shown warnings like the ones we have discussed above.
  2. To start the process, we must click on the button below the notice, where it says “ Understood. Perform Self-Assessment”., the coronavirus website in Madrid, the coronavirus website in Madrid
  1. When we have started the process, a screen will appear that shows the purposes that we have mentioned previously, to continue with the process we will click on the button “ Start” located on the bottom left.
  2. Next, we will enter our mobile number and accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Afterwards, we will receive an SMS which we must enter on the web page. Once we have entered it, click on “ Next”.
  4. After this, we will be asked to activate the location, click on the "Activate" button and then click on the top right where it says " Allow”., the coronavirus website in Madrid, the coronavirus website in Madrid
  1. Next, we must fill in the required fields., the coronavirus website in Madrid, the coronavirus website in Madrid
  1. Once we have entered our data, we must answer the questions that are displayed about our state of he alth and related symptoms with the coronavirus we show.
  2. Once we have completed the form, we will be shown a series of recommendations in which through the answers we have offered, We will be shown some options or others.
  3. Every 12 hours, it is possible that they send us a reminder SMS so that we can offer again how our situation is and new recommendations to follow.

The process is quite easy and intuitive, but maybe even more so when the mobile version of this Community initiative becomes available from Madrid.

This is not the first time that this type of application has been developed for the coronavirus. In fact, there are already several Asian countries which have really benefited after the implementation of similar systems.

Do you find the system useful? Do you think it will be an effective alternative?

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