How to put the "At home" sticker on Instagram
How to put the "At home" sticker on Instagram

Instagram has released a new sticker called "At Home"through which it intends to document the day-to-day of all of us who are at home due to the coronavirus quarantine.

It is a curious way to see how each one survives in their own way in this confinement. You just have to use the sticker and our Story automatically appears in the special stories of that sticker promoted by the Instagram app itself.

Since it was seen that the issue of the coronavirus was more serious than expected, the hashtag YoMeQuedoEnCasa began to move through social networks With this, what was intended was to encourage people to stay at home and promote the movement and the solidarity gesture of staying at home so as not to worsen the situation, since he alth is collapsed and the State has declared a state of alarm.

We have been in confinement for approximately 7 to 10 days, and we appreciate this type of attitude on the part of social networks, where give a voice to anyone who wants to join.

How to put the "At home" sticker on Instagram
How to put the "At home" sticker on Instagram

As we said a few paragraphs above, all we have to do is upload a Story to our Instagram stories with the sticker "At home", and in a matter of minutes we appear in the special Stories that the social network has launched.

To achieve what we see in the previous screenshots, we must follow these simple steps that we put below:

  1. Open a new Story and click on create, or record a video, or search your gallery for what you want to upload.
  2. When you have it, don't forget the icing on the cake, click on the icon that we marked in the screenshot below and choose the sticker "At Home".
How to put the "At home" sticker on Instagram
How to put the "At home" sticker on Instagram

Post as normal, not to best friends, and that story will appear in the special Stories that Instagram has launched. It should be said that our account must be public, if it is private it will not appear in those Stories

People are using it to document how empty streets are, to give out prescriptions, facts about the coronavirus, send messages of encouragement, put memes, etc. What's more, many companies are using it to promote themselves in a clean and original way.

It's nothing new for Instagram to launch stickers, in fact, let's not forget that there is a sticker to donate to charitable causes, another to fight bullying, apart from others with the time, to play music, ask questions, quizzes, a countdown, etc.

From here we encourage you to use the sticker "At home" to send messages of encouragement to everyone who sees those Stories that launched Instagram today.

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