Skip Zoom meetings with an animation
Skip Zoom meetings with an animation

Teleworking is one of the solutions that companies are finding in order to continue with their activity during the period of confinement that is being experienced due to the coronavirus. Now some workers have found a way to skip meetings by looping video.

Technology makes things easier for us to carry out our work from home. Now, not everyone likes to have meetings which can sometimes be really tiresome.

Zoom is one of the most popular tools for video conferencing right now, especially in the business sector. Zoom has functions through which we can view all the webcams of our colleagues during the meeting.

Other of the many functions that Zoom has is that of notify the host if any of the members of the call is outside for more than 30 secondsof the call itself, either in the chat or in another section of the computer. This way, the meeting host can call your attention to focus on the meeting.

Zoom is a service that has different subscriptions depending on the tools that are included in each of them. Zoom Rooms is one of the most expensive subscriptions out there, running around $500 a year.

Some users who had this subscription tried a feature that consisted of leaving a still frame of their video call and going back to bed, appearing to who is paying attention.

Skip Zoom meetings with an animation
Skip Zoom meetings with an animation

On the other hand, Rooms allows you to include videos in a loop, in such a way that if they are recorded with the same background with which we started the meeting no one will know that we have been absent. It is undoubtedly curious, although as we mentioned, it is not a way to skip meetings at all cheap.

What do you think of this way of skipping meetings? Is this useful to you?

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