Disney+ in Movistar does not work
Disney+ in Movistar does not work

Disney+ has reached our days, fantasy and dream come true in the form of a streaming platform. But users of Movistar are having problems with Disney+

In case there are any clueless readers, Disney+ is also part of the Movistar catalogue, something that the operator and the video-on-demand platform have already confirmed.

That is, we can contract Disney+ on our own, in a monthly or annual subscription, do it with a group of friends or include it in our Movistar plan.

Everyone assumed that Disney+ would crash in its first hours in Spain, but it turns out that what has fallen is the Movistar website, since there are many users who are suffering outages and problems accessing Disney+ from Movistar.

Twitter, at the moment, is the social network where hundreds of people are posting their captures, and their incidents on the platform, to try to get everyone to help each other and finally be able to link their account from Disney+ to Movistar.

For hours, Movistar's apps are not working at all well, but the main focus is the website, which has been down for a while and does not allow users, nor access the normal content of Movistar, much less, Disney+.

This happens because when registering, when the QR code is scanned, what Movistar does is redirect the user to its official website to continue registration. And this is where the problem lies, and it is that the website of the Spanish operator is down.

Disney+ in Movistar does not work
Disney+ in Movistar does not work

What is recommended in case of collapse, is to distance yourself and to stop insisting There are hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, who are trying to connect to the Disney streaming platform through the Movistar website, so the best thing to do is wait for the service to reset and try again.

As a solution, if we are impatient, we can take advantage of the 7-day free trial that Disney offers us, and register through the Disney app with a different email than the Movistar account. But, even so, we recommend patience so as not to collapse the service even more.

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