Forocoches turns to the coronavirus
Forocoches turns to the coronavirus

Forocoches is turning to the fight against coronavirus, and thanks to its wide community of users, it has even managed donations of masks, obtained in China through the Spanish citizens present there.

Specifically, from Spain the members of Forocoches are making donations to make the purchases. One of the members, under the username Yukio, lives in China and has managed to buy a pack of 1,900 FFP2-type masks using that money.

Given the risk that they will not reach their destination, and advised by Jusapol (an association of police and civil guards), they have decided to send it in a diplomatic pouch from the Spanish embassy in Beijing to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid.

The idea is that end up directly in the La Paz Hospital, if it is finally achieved, the donations from Forocoches will be used to make other purchases of medical supplies.

Forocoches turns to the coronavirus
Forocoches turns to the coronavirus

The idea came from the coronavirus monitoring thread in Forocoches, where various initiatives are being carried out: controlling the means available to he alth workers, helping SMEs and the self-employed, working on 3D printing of respirator valves …

Forocoches is known for his "trolleos" (bad jokes), which even managed to win El Tekila Got Talent 2, voting en masse for the participant with the least chance of succeeding in the television contest.

However, solidarity initiatives had also been carried out before at Forocoches, obtaining donations for various causes. Given the seriousness of the coronavirus crisis, they have made a special effort, with the member Moneo coordinating various actions.

Although the first order of masks is not very large, it could open up a new avenue for importing medical supplies. For now, the organizers are waiting for the package to be delivered to the toilets in Madrid and then bring more masks.

At this time when solidarity against the coronavirus is key to tackling the epidemic, Forocoches has given its support, and has demonstrated that his community even has a presence in China, where many products are made, including masks.

What do you think of the Forocoches initiative? Do you think they will manage to bring more masks in the next few days?

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