Huawei Sound X, price and specifications of the speaker
Huawei Sound X, price and specifications of the speaker

Huawei Sound X is the new smart speaker of the brand, which seeks a good quality musical result, in collaboration with Devialet, a French company dedicated to premium sound, and which has helped with the design.

After presenting the new Huawei P40, P40 Po and P40 Pro+, it was time for accessories, and the Chinese manufacturer unveiled a speaker that offers an elegant design, in metal and fabric, the latter resistant to stains and splashes.

The Huawei Sound X offers 360º sound thanks to the 6 full-range drivers (transducers) that it has on its top, pointing outward in a circle. It brings two woofers for the mids and bass, so we should get depth in the bass.

In addition, thanks to Huawei Share it is easy to send music or calls to the Sound X, just by bringing a Huawei mobile to the top of the speaker moving content from one device to another.

Some of the technical details of the speaker are:

  1. 6 full-range drivers.
  2. Dual 200mm woofer rated at 144 watts / 93dB (up to 40Hz).
  3. Hi-Res Audio Support (40 Hz to 40 KHz).
  4. Compatible with Huawei Share (launch music by NFC).
Huawei Sound X, price and specifications of the speaker
Huawei Sound X, price and specifications of the speaker

The unknown is the voice assistant that the Sound X will use. Without the option of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant due to the blocking US Trademark, Huawei has released "Celia" as its own alternative.

Unfortunately, it seems that development is not yet very advanced, which makes it doubtful that we will see the Huawei Sound X in Spain anytime soon. Their commitment to high-quality audio is reminiscent of Apple's HomePod, and they could also share the lack of a voice assistant to match.

Of course, it would be nice if Alexa and Google Assistant had new rivals, and it's a relatively new segment, so we'll have to keep a close eye on Celia, who will also be integrated as an assistant into Huawei smartphones.

In summary, the Huawei Sound X is a very technically interesting speaker, which promises great sound, but is difficult to assess until we learn more about the software that will power your smart part.

What do you think of the Huawei Sound X? Do you think there is more market for smart speakers today?

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