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Redmi 9, its features and rear design are filtered
Redmi 9, its features and rear design are filtered

If nothing prevents it, in the coming months we will see more Redmi terminals, Xiaomi's sub-brand, possibly they will be phones from the new Redmi 9 range. technical characteristics of the Redmi 9 , as well as its rear design.

So far several devices of this new generation have been launched, on the one hand, we have the brand new Redmi Note 9S, but previously we had officially seen the new Redmi Note 9 Pro and Redmi 9 Pro Max, but one of the cheaper ones is missing

If you know Xiaomi a bit, you will know that it launches different smartphones of the same range and each one with different specifications and prices. It would be missing to renew the Redmi 9, one of the most basic models of the family and that we now know a little more before its official announcement.

Quadruple camera in vertical format

It has been the tweeter Sudhanshu Ambhore who has detailed that the Redmi 9 will bring a configuration of 4 cameras, something surprising in the case of a terminal which should be low-end, as it would be the input terminal of the Redmi 9 range.

This coincides with the filtered image, where you can see the arrangement of a rear camera with 4 lenses in vertical format and located in the central part of the mobile, moving away a little from other terminals of the company that until now have located it on the left.

Redmi 9, its features and rear design are filtered
Redmi 9, its features and rear design are filtered

These cameras would have a resolution of 13 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP + 2 MP; the first sensor would be the main one, the 8 MP would be the wide angle, the 5 MP would correspond to the macro sensor and finally we have the 2 MP which would be a depth sensor.

The image reveals that this last sensor would be located apart from the others and would be accompanied by the corresponding LED flash. The image also reveals another important detail, the fingerprint sensor would be located in the same module as the camera, just below.

Other information that we know is that the Redmi 9 would be available in at least 2 colors, in this violet and also in green, Although it is to be expected that there will be more color possibilities available, we may have blue, white, etc.

Regarding technical characteristics, there is only one more fact, the Redmi 9 would equip the MediaTek Helio G80 processor No further details are known of this new mobile, but what is to be expected is that the RAM, internal storage and some details are not very remarkable.

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