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Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are renewed: find out what's new
Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are renewed: find out what's new

Amazon's smart speakers have practically become a standard within their segment. Alexa as a virtual assistant and the Echo and Echo Dot that are renewed with interesting additions.

We have reviewed many of these Amazon devices. For example, the Amazon Echo Plus and the 11-inch Echo Show. All of them have left us with an excellent taste in the mouth and an unparalleled quality-price balance.

Amazon Echo, Renewed Inside and Out

This freshly landed generation of Amazon Echo has incorporated the same sound hardware as its big brother Echo PlusComposed of a 0.8-inch tweeter and a 3-inch woofer, which manage to cover the entire frequency range.

Another novelty has been the implementation of a wider color chart. Specifically, we have 4 colors: bluish grey, black, gray and an original sandstone color.

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are renewed: know the news
Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are renewed: know the news

At the moment it is only available for pre-sale in the United States at a price of $99. According to the website, the official launch will be on October 16. For Spain we will have to wait for future dates to find out more details.

Amazon Echo Dot

One of the smallest of the family has also had his dose of renewal. The new Echo Dot features a simple but useful LED display (just like a digital watch).

In it we can see the time, the temperature and program timers. It will also be a perfect option if we want to use it on the bedside table as an alarm clock, since it will adjust the brightness of the clock depending on the ambient light.

In the sound section there is no difference compared to the previous Amazon Echo Dot without a clock and it is already available for reservation in the United States for 59.99 dollars, only in sandstone color. We do not yet know the price and availability for Spain.

The Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot with digital clock have added newsbut they are only two of the devices that the Seattle company has announced today. Some as spectacular as a ring and glasses with Alexa built-in.

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