Disney+ shows ads on Netflix
Disney+ shows ads on Netflix

It seems that the service Disney+ wants to capture the market quickly and is already showing advertising on Netflixso that subscribers who access the service via the web can keep in mind that there are more alternatives than the most famous streaming platform.

This is what some users with a very specific situation have seen, because the advertising message that encourages them to try Disney+ does not appear all users, but to those who use a browser that currently has a very low market share.

We are referring specifically to the Opera browser, which is showing a in the upper left part of the screen small ad for Disney+ and everything offered by chance when the user accesses the Netflix website to enjoy a movie or series.

Observing carefully we can detect that it is advertising since the nomenclature “AD” appears. Likewise, the possibility is offered for the user to ignore said Disney+ ad by clicking on the “Don't show again” option, thus indicating that they do not appear again, all on the Netflix login screen.

Disney+ shows ads on Netflix
Disney+ shows ads on Netflix

But just like the Disney+ ads can be hidden, there's also the “Try Free Now” button, which is an invitation to Internet users to try the streaming service where they will find the best stories from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, etc.

That is, it is not only limited to inviting to try the service and hiding advertising, but also a short text of everything you can find on Disney+ appears, which may be attractive to a user that uses streaming platforms, such as Netflix.

Opera has recognized this fact and has detailed that it was simply a test that is no longer in operation, but it forms part of a campaign that studies and analyzes the interest that users might have for innovative services and products.

You have to take into account that Disney+ is a service that just landed a very short time ago and it will possibly take a long time to try to gain a significant market share, and it seems that they will not hesitate when it comes to being "eye-catching" in the advertising they are showing.

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