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Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion
Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion

If there is an essential accessory for our mobile device, tablet or laptop, that is a Bluetooth speaker. In this review we are going to talk about the Zamkol ZK202 to tell you what we think.

The Zamkol ZK202 is a 360º type loudspeaker, so it is necessary to point it towards us since its sound comes out in the form of circle. This Zamkol speaker has a modern design, very similar to other speakers we have already reviewed, such as the Tronsmart T6.

Let's not go around and see if this Zamkol ZK202 is worth it, since its price is around 55 euros and its power is 30 W.

Zamkol ZK202, data sheet

  1. Speakers: HD 15W + 15W with premium 48mm drivers + subwoofer.
  2. Response frequency: 115 Hz - 15 Hz.
  3. Controls: power, volume, accept/reject calls, pause, modes.
  4. Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5mm audio jack and microSD.
  5. Ports: USB Type C and 3.5mm jack.
  6. Battery: 6,600 mAh at 7.4 V.
  7. Extras: microphone for hands-free system.
  8. Dimensions: 188 x 77 x 77 mm with a weight of 580 grams.
  9. Price: 55.99 euros (additional 22% discount with the code HAJXANKJ).

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Current 360º Layout

The design that the Zamkol brand has considered for its model ZK202 has been vertical and cylindrical. Despite the design of the ZK202, it is not a speaker that tends to fall or feel unstable since in the time that we have been using it we have not had any type of mishap.

The body of the speaker is made of plastic, although the cylindrical part where the sound comes out is covered with a kind of cloth, which is actually still plastic, but imitates textile material.

It is a speaker that can be taken anywhere since its weight is well achieved and because it is not too big. Also, if by chance it were to rain, we wouldn't have any problems as it has the IPX6 certification, so it would be protected against the rain.

In the upper part of the speaker we have the wheel to increase or decrease the volume, which can turn multiple times since they have not placed any type of stop on it. This stop is indicated to us by means of a beep, to tell us that where we are is the maximum or minimum volume.

Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion
Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion

In the part of below we have the subwoofer, an area that is favored in the sound by being in contact with any surface where Let's place it.

Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion
Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion

In the central part of the cylinder we have several buttons and an LED to indicate that the speaker is on and connected If the blue light is on fixed indicates that it is connected to a device and if that light does not stop blinking it means that it is looking for a device to connect with.

Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion
Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion

We also have a symbol “+” and a “-” so we can increase or decrease the volume, a circle that is the on/off button and a “ M” that allows us to do several things:

  1. Play or pause a song.
  2. Answer or reject a call.
  3. Change the operating mode (Bluetooth, auxiliary or microSD).
Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion
Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion

Just below the "M" we have a covered compartment that, when opened, we find a USB Type C port to charge the speaker, a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones, and a reader for microSD cards, which can play MP3, WAV, FLAC, and APE

Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion
Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion

Powerful, full-bodied sound

It is more than evident that with the 30 W of power that we mentioned lines above, the volume of the Zamkol ZK202 is quite good, enough to be heard without problems in a room like the one we all have in our homes, even if there are people talking at the same time.

The power it holds means that it can also be heard quite well outdoors, although it is evident that it is not a speaker created for that purpose and if there is a lot of noise it will not be able to hide it.

Something that we have loved about this speaker is its bass, extremely well achieved and with an ideal power to devour dance or hip music hop, to give you two examples where bass is of vital importance.

Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion
Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion

It helps a lot that the subwoofer is located at the bottom of the speaker, since when placing it on any surface (more or less flat) causes bass to be generated with much more body due to the reverberation of the subwoofer itself when it hits the surface where it is located.

It may be that with the strength shown by the bass it masks the rest of the parameters of the sound, but when felt with such force, the sensation of body of the sound is tremendous and that is why thehigh or midrange go a little more unnoticed.

The experience of being a 360º speaker is really good since wherever you stand you can still hear the speaker with the same clarity and power.

This speaker incorporates the TWS function, which would allow us to pair another two Zamkol ZK202, to act as left and right channels and emulate a 3.1 stereo system.

Our experience

This is a speaker that is quite manageable since we can take it anywhere just by keeping it in a bag or backpack, since the weight also helps in this sense with just580 grams.

We can connect the speaker through the Bluetooth 5.0 that it brings or through the 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones, taking advantage of that in the box brings us a cable with this type of ports on both sides.

When connected via Bluetooth we experienced a good distance between the speaker and the mobile device without disconnecting or music being interrupted. Bluetooth can support a distance of at least 10 meters between one device and another without disconnecting in theory, but in a house it is more complicated by walls, furniture and other things that can cause interruptions in the connection.

We have managed to be in the room next to where the speaker was located and it continued to sound in the same way, something that will give you to understand how well it has behaved in this regard. Of course, if there are already more rooms in between, the connection will be lost no matter what.

Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion
Zamkol ZK202, complete analysis with opinion

It also incorporates a hands-free system to answer possible calls that we receive while we have the smartphone connected. In the tests that we have carried out, we have to tell you that we heard the other person well through the Zamkol ZK202, but if we moved a little further away, the other person could already hear us with difficulty, so we had to be quite close to the speaker. This is something that could be improved.

The battery of the Zamkol ZK202 speaker is 6,600 mAh with which we can reach about 9 hours at an average volume of 60-70% The manufacturer assures that working at 50% it is capable of reaching 10 hours of autonomy, something that does not seem unreasonable to us as we have been able to verify.

If the device is not used for 10 minutes, it will automatically turn off to save battery life, even if it is connected.

To charge the battery from 0 to 100% we must have it connected through the USB Type C connector that it brings duringabout three hours to the electrical network, an amount that seems excessive and more typical of other times.

Despite the fact that it brings us a cable with a USB Type C at one end and a USB at the other, we don't have a charger, so we must use the one from any mobile we have at home to charge it or connect it via USB to some sort of wall charger.

Zamkol ZK202, conclusion

In general we think that the Zamkol ZK202 is a good option for all those looking for a Bluetooth speaker not very bulky that allows you to have a powerful sound, oriented more indoors, yes.

It is a well-made speaker, not heavy, ergonomic and with a powerful sound that is also 360º so that no one in the room feels that the sound is not going towards him or her.

The price we have to pay to get a Zamkol ZK202 is 55, 99 euros, a price that does not place you in the cheapest on the market, but not the most expensive either. In any case, it is possible to get it with a 22% discount thanks to a discount coupon that we leave you just below.

Buy: Zamkol ZK202 (Amazon) - Coupon: HAJXANKJ

Strengths of the Zamkol ZK202 loudspeaker in our review

  1. Sound with powerful bass.
  2. 360º design and sound.
  3. The connection works fine.
  4. Good autonomy.

Weak points of the Zamkol ZK202 speaker in our review

  1. The treble goes somewhat unnoticed in the sound.
  2. 3 hours to charge the battery is too much.
  3. On calls we must be very close to the speaker to be heard.
  4. Does not bring its own charger.

Our assessment

  1. Design: 9
  2. Sound: 9
  3. Autonomy: 8, 5
  4. Load: 6
  5. Price: 8
  6. Overall score: 8, 1

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