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Why remove the sticker on the back of the mobile?
Why remove the sticker on the back of the mobile?

As soon as you take a mobile out of the box, it comes with many plastics and stickers. Next we will show you why it is important to remove the sticker that comes behind the mobile.

Brand new mobile is an unusual habit, therefore, many leave the stickers on the back, as well as that plastics, among other elements with which our mobile comes by itself when taking it out of the box. On the back, there may well be a sticker where the IMEI number(s) is usually found.

All mobile phones have an identification number called IMEI, this is generally attached to the back of the phones. devices. The IMEI number is key because with it, they can try to obtain sufficient proof such as to say and defend before the authorities that this terminal is their property.

The IMEI number of the device is made up of a unique numbering of 15 numbers.

We already know how to see the IMEI on both Android and iOS to avoid having to carry a sticker on the back of the smartphone where it is easy for it to fall into the wrong handsand can try to get hold of our terminal.

Meaning of IMEI

Most numbers that identify something have a meaning. Just like the IBAN of a checking account, it has parts that mean the country, the bank, the office… the IMEI has a similar meaning but in this case, of a mobile or a tablet.

The IMEI is made up of four sections:

  1. Type Allocation Code (TAC): consists of the first six numbers and identifies the country of manufacture of the terminal.
  2. Final Assembly Code (FAC): Corresponds to the following two numbers and provides the manufacturer.
  3. Serial number (SNR): although we can find it in the phone's settings, it is also integrated into the IMEI. They are the 6 numbers following the FAC.
  4. Spare: is the last number that acts as verifier. Those IMEI numbers that are made up of 14 instead of 15 numbers do not incorporate it.

IMEI uses

Why remove the sticker from behind the mobile?
Why remove the sticker from behind the mobile?

Let's see what someone who knows our IMEI could do.

  1. Block the mobile: when we lose the mobile, the authorities usually require the IMEI of the device so that in this way the mobile is completely Useless.
  2. Know which mobile it is: as we say, the IMEI is a number that identifies our terminal, so it is a number Unique identification in the world through which the thief will be able to know exactly which terminal it is.
  3. Unlock it: although it is something that is done less and less, with the IMEI we can unlock our device and thus be able to use it with another operator outside of whom we bought the phone.
  4. Check the status of a mobile: If a mobile has been lost or stolen. Some web pages have services so that even through the IMEI they are able to recognize the iCloud in the case of the iPhone or iPad. Also the Google account with which the owner of the device can track where the terminal is.

These data are by no means of trivial importance, but could make us fall into a trap through email where we could offer thieves really relevant data, to be able to make use of the terminal, and even our data.

As we say, the IMEI of our phone is usually found in the box. If it is not, we can always find it on Android or iOS and write it down in physical format or in a place where we know they will not have access if our mobile is stolen.

Did you know you were exposing yourself to such risks? Did you have this sticker on the back of your smartphone?

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