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Gaming laptop vs multimedia, how to choose?
Gaming laptop vs multimedia, how to choose?

Sometimes, choosing a laptop can be complicated, especially if we like video games and we are also going to use the computer for other tasks, from watching series or surfing the Internet to taking it to classes at the university or to work

Until now we were forced to choose one or the other, because multimedia laptops don't have enough power to play games, while laptops gaming games were too heavy and flashy to carry around.

The possibility of buying two different laptops would not only be expensive, it is also inconvenient to change computers daily, with different files and programs on each one.

Luckily, some gaming laptops are becoming more versatile and, without giving up hardware capable of handling the latest releases fluidly, are also used for many other tasks.

Gaming laptop vs multimedia, how to choose?
Gaming laptop vs multimedia, how to choose?

On the one hand, in terms of dimensions we are talking about equipment lighter, thinner and more compact, since the bezels around the screen are Have reduced.

Regarding design, LED lighting is versatile: we can turn it off completely in the office, use a relaxing shade to accompany us while watching a movie, or choose an aggressive combination for gaming.

Not forgetting that the power of gaming laptops can be very useful in other fields: a state-of-the-art processor and graphics card will help us in tasks such as photo retouching, video editing or 3D design.


Gaming laptop vs multimedia, how to choose?
Gaming laptop vs multimedia, how to choose?

An example of a versatile laptop is HP's OMEN 15, which at just over 2 cm thick accommodates a processor Intel Core i7-9750H6 cores, a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card and a generous 16 GB of RAM

A powerful hardware for gaming, be it online or single player, but also for other tasks. For example, with the 256 GB SSD it will be quick to move between documents or spreadsheets, and your WiFi 6Allows you to surf the Internet fast and watch Netflix or Disney+ without interruptions.

The 15.6-inch screen with FHD is also important. Whether you're working or playing, the extra space in front of the 13-inch and 14-inch computers will come in handy.

Many multimedia notebooks limit their connections, while on the OMEN 15 the selection of ports is very extensive: standard USB, USB- C, HDMI, Ethernet, Mini DisplayPort, card reader, headphone jack…

In the end, we found a balance of benefits valuable on many occasions. Obviously, it is not an ultralight, but it is a piece of equipment that is easy to transport and does not give up anything at the hardware level.

OMEN Command Center

Gaming laptop vs multimedia, how to choose?
Gaming laptop vs multimedia, how to choose?

In addition to hardware, gaming is important software capable of optimizing the experience, and OMEN Command Center serves to centralize settings most important, available games and other extras.

For example, it lets us adjust the power of the processor and graphics card, so that we obtain the appropriate frame rate for each title, or modify the speed of the fans at any time.

In the OMEN Command Center we will have gathered our library of games to quickly open them and see the total time we have spent on them. Very practical given the proliferation of digital stores (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store…) that makes it difficult to locate games on PC.

With the section of Coaching we will even polish our skills, since the artificial intelligence analyzes the games and gives us tips to improve Right now it works with League of Legends, and other titles will be added, something valuable if we seek to be competitive in eSports.

In addition, with the OMEN Command Center we can configure OMEN gaming accessories, because to stand out in online multiplayer a good properly adjusted mouse is key, a mouse pad where it slides predictably and headphones to communicate with the rest of the team.

In conclusion, those thinking of buying a laptop should not see gaming PCs as only geared towards gaming. Some of them are versatile equipment, suitable for all tasks and with a design that allows them to be taken anywhere.

While multimedia laptops often have somewhat tight specifications, with a gaming equipment we will achieve good performance, which will make in the studies, work or moments of leisure beyond the games let's enjoy smooth operation and without waiting.

What do you think of this topic? Are you considering renewing your laptop for one capable of handling the latest video game releases?

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