Instagram adds "He alth applause" to its stickers
Instagram adds "He alth applause" to its stickers

In this quarantine we are also having certain routines, and one of them is the he alth applause joined by hundreds of thousands of people every day in Spain at around 8 pm, and now also Instagram with its new sticker.

Instagram is supporting, in its own way, this quarantine by encouraging people to stay at home using the special sticker for that. That same sticker, when placed in our stories, allows us to appear in the special Stories that Instagram created for this purpose.

Now the social network returns and does so with a particularly characteristic sticker such as the applause for the toilets from all the terraces and windows in Spain at 8 pm every day of the week.

To use the "He althy Applause" sticker, we just have to open Instagram and create a new Story.

  1. In the Sticker icon, look for the "He alth Applause".
Instagram adds "He alth applause" to its stickers
Instagram adds "He alth applause" to its stickers
  1. Click on the sticker and it automatically appears in our story. Now we just have to post as normal, either in public, in a group, or with best friends.

If we notice, during the quarantine, that Stories videos, and Instagram Stories in general, have a worse resolution, don't be less alarmed, it is a measure that they have taken in the company to alleviate a little the overload of the network in this quarantine.

No wonder Instagram adds new stickers every so often. In the previous screenshot we see some of those that have already been launched, such as the donation sticker, the countdown sticker, to play music, to report bullying, etc,

Surely the Sanitary Applause sticker is not the last one added by Instagram. In the event that a new one arises, we will let you know immediately as usual on our website.

Now all that remains is to publish this new sticker in our Instagram stories, to demonstrate our support for he alth workers in this fight against the coronavirus. We can use hashtags like StayAtHome, ThisVirusLoParamosEntreTodos, HeroesSinCapa, AplausoSanitario, etc.

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