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Instagram already notifies you of sending unpleasant comments
Instagram already notifies you of sending unpleasant comments

Instagram has a new addition that you probably haven't noticed yet, it's nothing more than a newnotice to send an unpleasant comment on any photo or video on Instagram, offering the possibility to withdraw it in time or finally publish it.

This possibility was announced in the summer of 2019, that is, at that time we knew that Instagram wanted to be a calmer social network and For this reason, I was going to implement the possibility for users to be notified when they were going to publish a disgusting comment.

Said and done, at that time the functionality was in testing and we wouldn't know when it would finally arrive, but it's here and you can try it, in fact, you just have to go to any profile on Instagram and write an unpleasant word to see how the notice you get jumps we mean.

Undo or publish

As soon as a comment is published with a profanity, unpleasant or disgusting word, the social network will detect it as such and will allow you to undo its sending for a few seconds, for which you must press the “undo” option.

Instagram now notifies you of sending unpleasant comments
Instagram now notifies you of sending unpleasant comments

What is true is that, despite the fact that Instagram notifies you of such a word, it will be published after several seconds without problems, that is, the comment will finally be published, butyou have a few moments in which you can go back and delete it before it appears.

In any case, if the comment is published, the owner of the image or video will be aware of said comment, but you can delete it just by sliding it to the left and clicking on the trash can icon to proceed with its final elimination.

The warning only appears if Instagram detects that the word is unpleasant, in the rest of the cases you can continue posting as you normally do, only now it will make you think a little more when you go to write something not very nice, being able to undo it for a few seconds.

This new feature is available on Instagram for iOS and Android, you don't have to update the application, but just in case go to the corresponding application store and install the latest version of the social network so that you can see this notice.

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