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What version of iOS does my iPad support?
What version of iOS does my iPad support?

The iPad are fantastic devices for many aspects, design, durability or general features among others, but there is something that we have to have when we want to buy a new iPad, specifically the version of the operating system that it can support.

If we want to buy (new or second-hand) an iPad, we have to take into account the model we are buying in order to know up to what version of iOSwe will have support from Apple.

The iPads are devices with a very continuous design from their origins, so it can lead to confusion for less experienced users about the models they want to buy (or have bought).

If you are looking for an iPad (or if you already have one), it is interesting to know up to what version of iOS it is capable of supporting for be clear about the possibilities that our iPad offers us.

Where do I find the iOS version of my iPad?

Fortunately, iPads are devices that usually take a long time to stop updating to the latest version of iOS. If you want to check which version you currently have, just follow these steps:

Settings / General / Information / Version

What version of iOS does my iPad support?
What version of iOS does my iPad support?

Having the latest version of the iOS operating system has many advantages but sometimes also some disadvantages, for example, updated we will always have a well-protected computer and compatible with all the new functions that they incorporate, on the other hand, we could experience anomalies in our iPad.

Slowness or some crashes are usually the most reported problems by users who have an older iPad but still supports the latest versions of iOS. Even so it is better to have our iPad updated even if it affects its performance a bit.

Which version does my iPad support?

Let's go with the list of all iPads, both those that are still on the market and those that have been discontinued due to their age, and the versions of iOS or iPad OS they support:

  1. iPad 1: Announced on January 26, 2010, it arrived with iPhone OS 3.2 and the latest version of iOS for which it had support was iOS 5.1.1.
  2. iPad 2: was introduced on March 2, 2011 and originally shipped with iOS 4.3, though it was supported until 2016 when it received iOS 9.3.5.
  3. iPad 3: The third generation was introduced on March 16, 2012 and came with iOS 5.1, but was updated over time of the years and obtained support until iOS 9.3.5, although it reached iOS 9.3.6 in the version with data connectivity.
  4. iPad 4: appeared on September 12, 2012 and brought with it iOS 6.0, although the latest version for it was supported this 4th build was for iOS 10.3.4.
  5. iPad Air: marked the new generation of iPads that landed a year later, specifically on October 22, 2013, with iOS 7.0.3 installed, but it was supported until several years later and the last supported version it had was iOS 12.4.6.
  6. iPad Air 2: On October 16, 2014 we saw the second generation of the iPad Air. Although it originally brought iOS 8.1, it was the first device from the company to officially switch to the new iPadOS, the specific operating system for the new iPads. It is supported up to iPadOS 13.4.
  7. iPad Mini: We met it on October 23, 2012 and it brought iOS 6.0, although it was updated over the years until reach the last version for which it had support, which was iOS 9.3.6.
  8. iPad Mini 2: Almost a year later the second generation of the iPad Mini landed. It arrived with iOS 7.0 and the last version for which it had support was iOS 12.4.3.
  9. iPad Mini 3: On October 16, 2014, the third version of the smallest iPad arrived. It brought iOS 8.1 and the latest version of iOS it could have was iOS 12.4.3.
  10. iPad Mini 4: It was on September 9, 2015 when we met the 4th version of the iPad Mini. It originally landed with iOS 9.0, though it was supported several years later until iOS 13.2.
  11. iPad Mini 5th Generation: can still be purchased as its release date is quite recent, having been unveiled on March 18 of 2019. It arrived with iOS 12.1.4 and has support, at the moment, up to iOS 13.2.
What version of iOS does my iPad support?
What version of iOS does my iPad support?
  1. iPad Pro 12.9-inch: Announced on September 9, 2015, came with iOS 9.1, but brings support for current iPadOS 13.4.
  2. iPad Pro 9.7-inch: Announced on March 21, 2016, it brought iOS 9.3, although the latest version of iOS that Supported is iPadOS 13.4.
  3. iPad Pro 2nd Generation: arrived in two screen models on 06/5/2017 with iOS 10.3.2, although they support up to iPadOS 13.4.
  4. iPad Pro 3rd generation: were announced on 10/30/2018 and initially had iOS 12.1 installed, although they still support up to iPadOS 13.4.
  5. iPad Air 2019 (iPad Air 3): We first met him on 03/18/2019 with iOS 12.2, although he has support for the current version of iPadOS, which is iPadOS 13.4.
  6. iPad 2017 (iPad 5): arrived on 03/24/2017 with iOS 10.2.1, although it also supports up to iPadOS 13.4.
  7. iPad 2018 (iPad 6): arrived on 03/27/2018 with iOS 11.3, the latest version for which it has support is the current iPadOS 13.4.
  8. iPad 2019 (iPad 7): Came on 09/25/2019 with iPadOS 13.1, the latest version for which it has support is also iPadOS 13.4.

When buying an iPad it is very important that you look at the model in question, it is preferable to pay a little more for a more modern version where we will make sure that we will have a version of iOS as current as possible for a longer time.

Do you have an iPad or do you intend to buy one? Up to what version does your iPad support? Does it perform well with your current iOS version?

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