"Calls will be recorded", the new WhatsApp hoax
"Calls will be recorded", the new WhatsApp hoax

The confinement continues, the state of alarm also, as well as the disinformation and the hoaxes on WhatsApp. In this case, we have a message that ensures that from now on calls will be recorded.

Not only calls, WhatsApp messages, audios, etc. It is a hoax in the form of a rather long text and that adds to the state of restlessness in which many Spaniards have lived since the quarantine began.

The hoaxes do not help the population, they simply create more confusion by stating that the State is ignoring the right to privacy and data protection law, without recording calls doing anything to stop the COVID-19 epidemic.

We are going to show part of the message and transcribe some of the phrases that have most caught our attention from the hoax, which we already anticipated has been going around WhatsApp for years.

"Calls will be recorded", the new WhatsApp hoax
"Calls will be recorded", the new WhatsApp hoax

The message begins by saying that, starting tomorrow (no date), there are new rules for communication.

The rules detailed in the hoax are each more surprising. There are those who are accusing the Government, and different political parties, but in reality all the content is false, and we are going to analyze it.

On the one hand, it says that "Calls will be recorded". This can only be possible through a judge's ruling, which has not happened, and if true they should have communicated it according to the legally established channels.

The text says that "All WhatsApp messages and calls are recorded" In principle, end-to-end encryption does not cannot even decrypt WhatsApp itself, although it is true that certain government agencies have taken advantage of its vulnerabilities for espionage.

Another curious fact about the hoax is that it ensures that all control starts from tomorrow, we repeat that there is no date in this hoax. In addition, they assure that there will be "Monitoring" of social networks According to the message, the government will devote itself to monitoring the social networks of millions of people in our country.

The last detail is striking: "Government and government CDMX and departmental wiretapping systems". CDMX is the acronym for Mexico City, so it is strange that the hoax circulates in Spain.

In the message you can also see prohibitions of the type: "Do not share confidential information with friends and family", for fear that they will be recorded.

Next, we remind you that we have an article on our website where we explain some keys to detect a WhatsApp hoax. We also have another article where we help the reader spot a scam email.

Some keys to this type of email can be extrapolated to WhatsApp hoaxes, such as spelling mistakes, missing dates, signature of an official body, etc.

Be very careful with hoaxes, since they do not help at all in these difficult times and only cause unnecessary alarmism.

The best thing we can do is consult Google for that information we have received and Do not continue the chains Only listen to the official information, because be through TV, official social networks, and serious media, because in no way will the calls be recorded at a general level.

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