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Yoigo launches its convergent offer
Yoigo launches its convergent offer

After, from my point of view, Yoigo's slippage eliminating “tethering” from internet rates and prohibiting streaming content, Yoigo will launch a new series on the market of convergent rates, becoming the leading data operator.

These new offers are available to more than 7 million people and we will tell you all the characteristics of each of them, which, more than one have nothing to envy the other competitors.

The new convergent rates called “Yoigo's combined rates” have several points in common:

  1. Mobile data will be all at 4G speed.
  2. You can choose between 300MB 50MB symmetrical fiber or ADSL.
  3. All have unlimited national calls and 60 minutes to national mobiles from the fixed line.

The method that the customer will choose their convergent rate will depend on the mobile rate which will be the first chosen. The mobile rate that best suits you will be chosen and from there you can choose the convergent rates.

Yoigo mobile rates

Yoigo launches its convergent offer
Yoigo launches its convergent offer

Yoigo's mobile rates are currently 4 which include some new features:

  1. La del Cero 1, 5GB: This is a novelty, a rate aimed at customers with very low voice consumption, with a price of 12 euros per month will have 1.5GB of 4G data and calls at 0 cents per minute.
  2. La del Cero 5GB: for customers with low voice and average data consumption, with a price of19 euros per month you will have 5GB at 4G speed and 100 free minutes, then calls will be 0 cents per minute.
  3. La Infinita 5GB: a novelty, for customers with high voice and medium data usage, for a price of15 euros a month they can have 5GB at 4G speed and unlimited calls.
  4. La Sinfín: Yoigo's most attractive rate, for customers with a very high use of voice and data, for a price from 32 euros per month offers 25GB of data at 4G speed and unlimited calls.

The Combinations of Yoigo

Yoigo launches its convergent offer
Yoigo launches its convergent offer

The new combined rates are coming very soon the blue and the green will be available from February 2 and the remaining two will appear during The month of february. All rates will be able to contract 300MB symmetric fiber adding 10 euros more.

What do you think of Yoigo's new convergent rates?

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