Pepephone doubles speed to 600 Mbps
Pepephone doubles speed to 600 Mbps

Some customers of Pepephone are noticing that their fiber connections have doubled to 600 Mbps, instead of the 300 Mbps that the operator officially offers, without its price having risen.

For now Pepephone has not made any official announcement, but the movements are similar to when in 2019 it increased from 200 to 300 Mbps, which the company does not advertise: although the current installed speed is 300 Mbps symmetrical, he prefers to advertise a lower figure, thus ensuring that he always delivers or exceeds his promise.

In addition to the comments on social networks, we have been able to verify through the connection test of El Grupo Informático that the new speed is already available in our connection, at least in the download of data:

Pepephone doubles speed to 600 Mbps
Pepephone doubles speed to 600 Mbps

For now Pepephone does not reply to users who comment on the improvement on Twitter, something very unusual in the operator's social networks. This suggests that they might be making changes to the network, but prefer to communicate 600 Mbps when available.

Not all Pepephone users have 600 Mbps at the moment, but it's worth a try. You have to disconnect the router for a few seconds from the electrical network and plug it back in, so that it reaches the new speed if it is already available.

We must remember that Pepephone's fiber has not had permanence or installation cost for more than a year, so it could be a new measure to boost packages with mobile phones and fixed Internet access.

In addition, Pepephone has given away 5 GB of data in April for the coronavirus, to facilitate connectivity during quarantine for those who do not have WiFi available.

Perhaps for this reason the duplication of fiber is being carried out discreetly, since portability has only been partially reactivated in the quarantine, and it would not make much sense to promote it. Furthermore, in many cases these processes can be carried out remotely, without the need to mobilize workers at a delicate moment.

We will have to wait to confirm if Pepephone goes up to 600 Mbps officially, but the fact is that some people are already surfing at this speed in their homes and it would be a good measure now that O2 also offers 600 Mbps.

What do you think about Pepephone doubling the speed of fiber? Do you need that much bandwidth?

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