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Apple peaks in sales and revenue: the end of an era
Apple peaks in sales and revenue: the end of an era

Apple has made public what its investors have been asking for: financial results for this year 2016 Talk about results this first quarter of the year 2016 is talking directly about the success of the iPhone, which, although it has not been as expected, has managed to generate benefits for the company, but certainly far from what it once managed to be. Many are already talking about a ceiling in sales and the end of an era, in which the figure of Steve Jobs and his legacy are fading like a candle.

The iPhone 6s didn't bring with it that incredible change we all expect in a new iPhone. It is true that some new features such as 3D Touch or 2 GB of RAM are great, but consumers ask for more and Apple hasn't given it to them yet offered.

Apple does not sell what was expected and hits ceiling

Apple Has Released Financial Results For This Fiscal Year And Investors Don't Look Like It As you may already know, Apple has suffered a staggered collapse in the value of its shares for a few months and this is due to lower than expected results.

The iPhone 6s has not been a sales success like almost all its predecessors were and the company has registered only 75,900 million compared to the 76,600 expectedConsumers were asking for a change, both aesthetically and hardware-wise, and while the tech giant has added 3D Touch, 2GB of RAM, and an improved processor among a few other little things, they haven't been enough..

The difference between the expected and the sales, although we are talking about billions, is not too much for a company like Apple. However, those from Cupertino have always set a lower limit on their earnings, usually being much more than their estimates, which has made them lose favor with the investors.

It seems that devices like the Apple Watch, the iPhone 6s or the new Apple TV among others still have not won the pocket of the consumerand consequently, that of the investors who make Apple a multimillion-dollar company.

Is Apple Done?

Not much less. The company has come out of worse potholes, the problem comes from the excessive valuation on the stock market. It had been growing for a long time and now it seems that it has peaked, its value should stabilize or grow more moderately.

Apple peaks in sales and revenue: the end of an era
Apple peaks in sales and revenue: the end of an era

In addition, we are sure that the Cupertino company will present much more innovative products this year. A Apple Watch 2 with an improved design and interface and a new iPhone, with one change aesthetic and with new functions, based on a first approximation of 3D Touch.

What do you think of Apple's financial results? Do you think it has peaked?

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