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Turboant X7: Price and Availability
Turboant X7: Price and Availability

Electric scooters have become commonplace in cities, and the Turboant X7is a good alternative to move quickly, economically and sustainably, which reaches 25 km/h thanks to its 350 W of power, and allows you to travel up to 25 km on a single charge.

Electric scooters are no longer a toy, they have become a mobility alternative to public transport and private cars each increasingly popular, and complete models are needed, valid for going to work, the study center or enjoying free time.

The Turboant X7 features 8.5-inch (220mm) wheels and goes 120mm off the ground, so you can get bumpy or curbs do not represent an obstacle. The wheels are solid, without an inner tube, so we will avoid punctures and blowouts.

Turboant X7: price and availability
Turboant X7: price and availability

In the Turboant X7 we can choose three speeds of 10 km/h, 15 km/h or 25 km/h By pressing the accelerator For 6 seconds in the same position the cruise control is activated, which maintains speed until we touch the brake, and makes the trip more comfortable.

While the 350W motor would allow higher speeds, the Turboant X7's 25 km/h limit puts it within the personal mobility vehicles(VMP) proposed by the Directorate General of Traffic in Spain, facilitating its use in large cities.

The power of the Turboant X7 is harnessed in other aspects, such as its ability to climb 15º grades, or that it supportsoccupants of 125 kg.

The weight of the passenger and the slopes are two aspects that affect autonomy, and for this reason it varies between 15 km and 25 km per charge. Thanks to the front screen we can see the battery level, current speed and settings.

This battery is removable, it can be removed from the front tube, which makes it easy to charge it at home even if we leave the Turboant X7 parked in the street, garage or portal at night.

Turboant X7: price and availability
Turboant X7: price and availability

Regarding the brakes, the front wheel mounts a disc brake, while we will brake the rear wheel with our foot thanks to the mudguard later.

Visibility is key to safety, so the Turboant X7 features a front LED spotlight , and a rear position light, apart from a bell to warn of our presence if a pedestrian invades the road.

The Turboant X7 is constructed of aluminum and weighs 13.5 kg in total, a reasonable figure if we have to carry it by hand for a few minutes, or take it up in an elevator. The handlebars can be folded, making the scooter much more manageable.

Turboant X7, data sheet

Electric scooters (or scooters) are still a new generation of urban vehicles, so they need features in line with current mobility needs. The Turboant X7 specifications are complete, here are the details:

  1. Power: 350 W, climbs slopes up to 15º.
  2. Speed: Maximum 25 km/h.
  3. Autonomy: between 15 km and 25 km.
  4. Battery: 6.4 Ah at 36V, removable for external charging.
  5. Wheels: 8.5 in (220mm), tubeless.
  6. Brakes: front disc and rear foot.
  7. Display: speed, battery and settings information.
  8. Extras: Cruise control, LED spotlight and tail light.
  9. Resistance: IPX4.
  10. Admitted weight: maximum 125 kg.
  11. Scooter weight: 13.5 kg.

Turboant X7: Price and Availability

The Turboant X7 is already on sale in Spain, with an official price of 599.99 euros, although it is reduced to 399.99 euros Shipping to Spain is free, and it takes between 1 and 2 business days, it is also sent to the rest of the European Union without customs costs.

We can also buy a second battery optionally for 209.99 euros, which is not necessary under normal circumstances, but will interest those who make very intensive use of the Turboant X7, or take long journeys without no plug to hand.

With cities increasingly congested by traffic and public transportation that doesn't always take us exactly where we want, electric scooters like the Turboant X7 represent a attractive alternative in large cities, for price, comfort and ecology.

What do you think of the Turboant X7? Do you think that an electric scooter is a good alternative to get around the cities?

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