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Orange gives away more TV channels due to the coronavirus
Orange gives away more TV channels due to the coronavirus

For everything that is happening with the pandemic and the quarantine situation that we are suffering Orange gives away more TV channels for the coronavirus, so that we can spend the hours in a more entertaining way.

Orange continues with the stayathome campaign with which it will provide even more resources so that its clients have the best possible time during confinement.

Starting today and for as long as the isolation we are suffering due to this he alth emergency lasts, all Orange TV customers will be able to access free premium packages dedicated to various formats.

Orange gives away more TV channels due to the coronavirus
Orange gives away more TV channels due to the coronavirus


In this package you can enjoy youth content such as e-sports, adult animation and transgressive animation. The channels included in this package are:

  1. U-BEAT: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to enjoy e-sports. In addition, there are also documentaries and news from the world of video games.
  2. Havoc: Music and sports video channel.
  3. Adult Swim: Transgressive animation aimed at an adult audience.

Premium Music

In this package there will be a combination of classical music, opera, dance, ballet, jazz, with a selection of the best concerts. In this package are the channels:

  1. Stingray iConcerts: This channel is dedicated to live music, with classic rock and pop concerts. They also broadcast Apple Music Festival, The Rolling Stone Live, Lana del Rey Live or Kobo Pop.
  2. Stingray Classical: Channel focusing on classical music, ballet, and opera.
  3. Stingray DJAZZ: Specializes in jazz and genres such as bebop, reggae, funk or blues.
  4. Mezzo Live HD: On this channel there is opera, classical music concerts, ballet and jazz.


In this package for all fans of travel, fashion and lifestyle, which has the following channels:

  1. Fashion 4K: international fashion channel, broadcast in Ultra High Definition.
  2. OUTtv: channel dedicated to the LGTBI community.
  3. My Zen TV: It is a channel designed for relaxation and well-being with relaxation exercises, yoga or Pilates, among other things.
  4. Escapa TV: channel in which travel and tourism around the world is the protagonist.

Children Max

Orange also offers content for the little ones in the house with Max children's content that includes channels dedicated to children such as Canal Panda, Llo Kids and Cartoon Network.

In addition to all these channels, the premium services FlixOlé, Rakuten TV and soon StarszPlay, they offer a first month free for all users who sign up on these dates.

With all this, Orange TV hopes to help its customers to spend all these days that are still confined to their homes and encourage them that this is the way to combat the virus.

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