Google includes Spain in "countries that are communist"
Google includes Spain in "countries that are communist"

Did you know that Spain is considered a communist country? Surely it surprises you, but that's what Google thinks, surprisingly it includes it along with 6 other countries spread around the world, but the reason for its appearance in this list could have explanation.

North Korea, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, China and even the former Soviet Union appear on that list, but there is also Spain. This fact can be perfectly verified by simply entering “ countries that are communist” in the search engine, but not with “communist countries”.

That is, it depends on how you search for it in Google, Spain will appear to you or not. The result is the first on the page and next to each country its flag appears. It seems that this is the result of an error from the past that has already been solved, but the search engine is still detecting it.

It was in January of this year when the entry for “Socialist State” in the well-known online encyclopedia Wikipedia was modified at some point by a user to include Spain as a country communist, an error that, detected shortly after, was fixed.

However, it seems that it was around long enough for Google to probably detect that Spain was a communist country as a result of Wikipedia's definition of “Socialist State”, where it is indicated that said state supposes the transit towards a communist society.

Google includes Spain in "countries that are communist"
Google includes Spain in "countries that are communist"

If you enter the meaning of Wikipedia of “Socialist State” you will be able to verify that Spain no longer appears anywhere, however, Google does continue to detect it precisely because our country was included at some point in the definition.

Spain appears only in the Google search result, but also not even in the list below where you can see a small table with the name of the communist countries, the system that each of them has and the party that governs them.

Probably Google will soon be aware of this error in its browser when performing a specific search and will solve it, but for now It continues to work today and there is no date yet for this failure to be resolved, so Spain will continue to be a communist region according to the search engine.

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