Disney+: its launch could be postponed
Disney+: its launch could be postponed

Yes, our worst nightmare may be about to come true, especially in full quarantine as we are in Spain. Disney+ may delay its release, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Things about 3 days ago, people asked Disney+ to advance the date of arrival in Spain. The company, through its official Twitter account, said that even if they wanted to advance the date, they could not do so.

The broadcast of content and, above all, the release to the market entails agreements and deadlines that must be met. The scheduled date for Disney+ to kick off in Spain is March 24.

Disney +: its launch could be postponed
Disney +: its launch could be postponed

As of today we we know its complete catalog, as well as its price and its annual offer, but all this could be delayed if Disney+ decides to pause its launch on a great power in terms of content platforms.

We are talking about India For those who don't know, that region is usually the laboratory of many social networks and streaming platforms such as Netflix. Why? Because due to the number of people who live there, they can do tests with changes in content, prices, offers, promotions, etc. and extrapolate the results and see if they would work in other areas of the globe.

In fact, Netflix launched a subscription for 3 euros and launched it first in India. After the experiment has brought positive results, he is going to launch that cheap subscription to other countries.

But going back to Disney+, the real reason that the arrival of this streaming platform may be delayed, at least in India, is the celebration of the Cricket Indian Premier League (IPL) which has been postponed until mid-April due to the coronavirus

Disney+ would be released in India through Hotstar (streaming service in India) and coincided with the start of said competition. This competition is massive and is of great value to the people of India.

Seeing the Cricket Indian Premier League (IPL) being delayed, Disney+ made the determination to pause its release in that area until new order.

Disney+ was launched in India on March 29, a few days after Spain, which is why we say that we could possibly suffer the consequences of this delay, since the Indian market and the decisions that take with that market are crucial for the rest of the world.

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