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How to know if WhatsApp is down or if it's a problem with your network
How to know if WhatsApp is down or if it's a problem with your network

WhatsApp is not working correctly for you? It can be due to various circumstances, but the most common is that may be down or even due to some incident in the network of your operator or in your WiFi connection, two details that are easy to figure out.

It is easier to know that you have a network problem than that WhatsApp is down, you will notice the first possibility right away because neither the application nor all the others will workwho need Internet access (social networks, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc.).

It means that your data or WiFi connection is not working well and that means that you do not have access to the network to be able to use WhatsAppor any other app that makes use of the Internet. In this case, the problem is not in WhatsApp, but in the Internet connection.

If you do verify that you have this problem, you can follow this series of steps to try to solve the problem of your data or WiFi connection:

  1. Activate airplane mode: A quick adjustment that you can try is to activate airplane mode and after a few seconds activate it again, the mobile it will try to connect to WiFi or 4G again so that you can use the apps with Internet access.
  2. Reboot the mobile: Sometimes the simple fact of restarting the phone can solve the problems of connection to the WiFi and through the data rate.
  3. Switch Connectivity: It's rare for 4G and WiFi to fail at the same time, so switch from one connectivity to another to check if any of the two have the problem, that is, do not have both activated at the same time, so you can know with greater certainty.
  4. Test on another mobile: If you have the possibility, test that the Internet works well on another mobile, although if you have a relative nearby you can Ask him to know if WhatsApp works, if it works for that person, it's a problem with your mobile.
How to know if WhatsApp is down or if it's a problem with your network
How to know if WhatsApp is down or if it's a problem with your network

WhatsApp operating problems

If you've done all the steps above and you're still noticing that there's no way for WhatsApp to work, then it's quite possible that the issue is is in the application itself and that it is down, so it will not work for you or any of your friends, family, etc.

When we say that WhatsApp is down it means that all or part of the application may not be working correctly. You might notice that the messages are not sent, that you do not receive new ones, that you cannot send certain content, that the States do not work, etc.

In order to verify that WhatsApp is effectively down, you can perform the following checks if you have tried the recommendations we gave you previously:

  1. Check for incidents on Twitter: The quick and easy way to find out if WhatsApp is down or not is to enter Twitter and make a search by putting "WhatsApp" or "WhatsApp down", if the service is really not operational, you will not be the only one who does not work.
  2. Check if it works for a family member: If you live with someone at home, you can ask them if WhatsApp doesn't work either, if the answer is affirmative with more people, then WhatsApp is down.
  3. Try other apps: Just because WhatsApp is down doesn't mean that other apps are down too, or that the Internet isn't working. If apps like Telegram, LINE and others work, you can be sure that WhatsApp is inoperative.
  4. From WhatsApp itself: from within the application itself, even if it doesn't work to send and receive messages and multimedia content, you can know whether or not the service is down. You just have to go to settings/help and enter “service status”.
  5. Service status websites: You can use websites that allow you to know the status of WhatsApp and many other online services from the reports made by the users to whom those services fail. An example would be the web downdetector, although there are other options.
  6. Technology websites: If WhatsApp or any other major app is down, rest assured that you will find that it is really like that on technology websites. technology like ours and even in digital newspapers that you already know.

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