77-year-old man fined playing Pokémon Go
77-year-old man fined playing Pokémon Go

The Municipal Police of Madrid fined a 77-year-old man yesterday afternoon for playingPokémon Go and, therefore, skip the ban on leaving home due to the state of alarm issued by the Government just a few days ago.

The image of the fine has gone around the country and in a matter of hours it became one of the most retweeted tweets of the moment.

The excuse was of little use to the pedestrian to get rid of a fine that can reach €30,000 The confinement that we are living in the Currently it is a very serious situation, and exceptions are not allowed, except for medical emergencies, walking the dog, going to buy food.

For this reason, breaking the state of alarm without a real excuse such as a medical emergency can bring serious consequences, both for the entire country and for the pocket of the aforementioned person who does not comply with the state of alarm.

77-year-old man fined for playing Pokémon Go
77-year-old man fined for playing Pokémon Go

This unique event is not an isolated one, but these days there are dozens of people who manage to skip the quarantine and go out more times than usual allowed Let's not forget the videos that have circulated online of people dressed as T-Rex walking dogs, going to throw out the garbage, walking in groups, etc.

This Pokémon Go thing was coming, which is why the platform imposed a series of rules in the face of this situation so exceptional that we are living in Spain and in more than half of Europe, if not the entire world.

Pokémon Go took certain steps to combat the coronavirus and enforce the lockdown. Among the measures we see higher prizes, an increase in wild Pokémons, incense will now last one hour, etc.

These are basic measures to precisely avoid having to leave home to exclusively play Pokémon Go as we did before the quarantine.

While we throw the garbage on the corner, we can test in case we catch any, or while we walk our dog, but nothing to commit the same serious infraction as the 77-year-old man whom the Municipal Police of Madrid (main focus of the coronavirus in Spain) has had to fine.

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