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Twitter will add a News tab
Twitter will add a News tab

Twitter never stops testing new features, we saw a long time ago that it eliminated custom user backgrounds and also that it offered a system that summarizes the best of the day. Well, now Twitter will add a News tab for Internet users who are more concerned about current affairs, or for those who do not have their own sources of information on the social network.

This tab appears in the app on the main screen, and displays articles from media curated by Twitter…so we don't know if there could be some kind of economic agreement. Apparently, the News tab has already arrived in Japan, and the company plans to experiment with it in other countries.

This is what the News tab looks like which has just been added to Twitter very recently, with content in English:

Twitter will add a News tab
Twitter will add a News tab

Twitter is ready for anything

We recently talked about Twitter ousting its CEO due to problems getting new users, in addition to financial difficulties. And the company is willing to make big changes to make its social network more attractive.

For example, they could stop displaying tweets in reverse chronological order, and even begin to prioritize those that service administrators find more interesting. Of course, it is also possible that more aggressive advertising practices will begin to be used to increase revenue. The company's shareholders are not happy, and they demand results as soon as possible.

So Twitter will add a News tab, and lots of other news are on the way. If the company's results don't improve, Twitter could change completely in a few years, and we don't know if it will be for the better or for the worse.

What do you think of this novelty? Would you use the Twitter News tab, or would you prefer to find the latest news on your own by following other users of the social network?

Image: @MR_CoolFreak

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