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IPhone 6c: 4-inch and metallic
IPhone 6c: 4-inch and metallic

It may sound crazy, but Apple could be working on a new metal iPhone 6c of an astonishing 4" following the scheme of the past iPhone 5 and 5s, but this time with an A9 processor. This colorful version of the iPhone would arrive just like the iPhone 5c as a much cheaper and consumer-oriented version. the mid-range of terminals.

Just like it did at the time with the i Phone 5c, Apple could be working on a colorful version of its already popular ship badge. The iPhone 6c would arrive with a metallic finish and fluorine colors with a lower intermediate price than the iPhone 6, which continues to be sold in the official Cupertino store.

iPhone 6c 4" and fluorescent metal case

Information has been leaked by Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI analyst whose predictions of the past have always been very accurate regarding the products presented by the apple company.

The iPhone 6c could be based on the size of the iPhone 5S, the finish of the iPhone 5C and the design of the iPhone 6. This mix would arrive next year 2016, in mass production sometime in the first quarter of this coming year.

iPhone 6c: 4 inches and metallic
iPhone 6c: 4 inches and metallic

As it has already done with its predecessors, this new iPhone will carry a low-end A9 processor, much cheaper than the built into the iPhone 6S.

Unfortunately for many users, Kuo also predicts that it will not only integrate a less powerful processor, but also will lack 3D Touch, one of the most interesting novelties of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

What I would keep would be the fluorine colors of the iPhone 5C, which would make it an object of desire for the younger public being able to even sell between 20 or 30 million units in 2016, or at least that's what the analyst estimates.

Image: 3D Future

What do you think of this iPhone 6c? Do you think Kuo will be right in his predictions?

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