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Google Maps renews "My Maps"
Google Maps renews "My Maps"

Google has recently presented the renewal of its My Maps application for Google Maps, a utility that allows us to create our own maps in a personalized way, with symbols, texts, images and many more things.

Basically what we can do is create our own maps to our liking and then share them with whoever we want. We can create layers to which we can add different things, such as markers, indications, places, etc.

Private or public

The maps created by us can be shared with other people, with the whole world (publicly) or with users chosen by us. Another option is to keep them private without sharing them with anyone.

What would definitely be nice for everyone is if everyone who creates their own map could share it publicly to have access to a wide variety of maps of all kinds.

Google Maps renews "My Maps"
Google Maps renews "My Maps"

The maps can be modified over time or we can leave them intact if we don't want to make changes to them. The only option that we have not yet seen on the My Maps website is to delete a certain map, although if we can delete it through our Google Maps accountthrough the My Maps section.

Thus, users who have created maps with the previous version of My Maps will receive a notice to update to the new version of the utility and will benefit from existing innovations, such as importing sheets calculation, organize routes, etc.

And you, do you use My Maps to create your personalized maps? Do you use any other application that is not this Google product? We look forward to your comments.

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