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WhatsApp will notify us when we receive unsafe files
WhatsApp will notify us when we receive unsafe files

WhatsApp has always been criticized for being insecure The popular messaging client knows the potential risk posed by its platform, so the Facebook company, owner of WhatsApp, has made the decision to notify us when we receive unsafe files from any of our contacts, thus reducing the risk of a possible infection.

Emails have come a long way and have elaborate spam filters, but WhatsApp, one of the most popular communication applications in the world, had not yet integrated this functionality with which to detect insecure filesOr at least it hasn't been that way until now, as he might be working on it.

WhatsApp will notify us of insecure messages

We receive hundreds of messages through WhatsApp every day and even companies consider the possibility of using this service to connect with their employees. This sounds good a priori, since we can communicate whenever we want with whoever we want, but also we are exposed to possible infections by the files we receive

If you receive a WhatsApp message with a document from your partner, family, friends or even your boss, you probably open it without stopping for a second to think about what it contains. Surely you would receive it by email, seeing that it could be suspicious, you would think about it for a moment, but by WhatsApp we do not have that fear of a possible infection of our device.

To help users maintain the security of their terminals, WhatsApp seems to be working on a notice that we will receive when receiving an unsafe file, an absolutely essential new functionality that even sounds strange that it wasn't already integrated into the service until now.

WhatsApp will notify us when we receive unsafe files
WhatsApp will notify us when we receive unsafe files

As you can see in the previous image, a translation for this new functionality is being proposed on the WhatsApp developer page. The best approximation is as follows:

"This document may contain unsafe content. Make sure you know the sender before opening it."

With this insecure file filter, we would greatly increase our security in the popular messaging application owned by Facebook. However, the human factor is always decisive to distinguish whether we are dealing with a possible infection attempt or simply a document with our family's shopping list.

What do you think of this new WhatsApp functionality?Do you find it interesting that they let us know when we receive unsafe files?

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