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Opera Neon, a new concept of web browser
Opera Neon, a new concept of web browser

When everything seems to follow the same path as far as browsers the web is concerned, Opera arrives and revolutionizes what we even know with a new browser concept, it is Opera Neon.

A revolutionary browser that offers many possibilities without having to leave it, with a double navigation screen, bubble-shaped markers, video display on a floating screen and a veryappearance lightweight.

Opera doesn't want you to replace the traditional Opera browser, but it does want you to have an alternative much more futuristic and perhaps much more in line with your needs. Without a doubt, Opera has succeeded.

Futuristic, simple and fast, very fast

Although it could be said that Opera Neon is a concept beta, the truth is that it is already fully functional, it can be installed on both Windows computers such as maOS, being a really simple and totally free installation.

As soon as we open the browser we see how it does it with a transparent background together with a search address, having all our most visited websites at hand in the form of bubble, which we can move at will.

The data transfer load is really incredible, you can open the pages without hardly noticing the load times, in addition the consumption of RAM memory is really low, something that is appreciated when we are running out of battery in our laptop.

Other very interesting functionalities are the possibility of viewing the videos on a floating screen without having to have the web pages open, at least in foreground, just like the music.

If we need to take a screenshot, we have a direct link where we can cut out just what we need, and then save it to the destination wanted.

The good thing about Opera Neon is that we can customize it to our liking, the possibilities of the graphic environment allow, among other things, to have a split screenWith two pages, not always of the same proportion, it's totally customizable.

To put a "but" it is that it is not yet in Spanish, but it is not a problem since the interaction is quite simple, We don't know if they will update it with new languages ​​in the future, but at the moment it is not available.

If you are looking for an alternative to your default web browser, Opera Neonis undoubtedly one of the best bets to make the alternative default with this new concept.

What do you think of this new Opera browser? Would you give it a try? Do you think this is the way to go in new browsers?

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