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Tuenti adds voice filters to calls
Tuenti adds voice filters to calls

Tuenti has had a very original idea to differentiate itself from other mobile operators, offering its customers digital calls or VoIP with voice filters, yes, only those that are madefrom the Tuenti application.

The filters that Tuenti offers in its official application are the voices of gnomo and troll, this does not mean that the application launches phrases with these modified voices, on the contrary, it will be our own voice that will become one of these two options

The functionality and usefulness is nil but it may seem nice in some season of the year to talk for a couple of minutes. From Tuenti they affirm that they are working on more types of voices to give the user the opportunity to communicate with the voice of "another".

How to use Tuenti call filters?

Tuenti adds voice filters to calls
Tuenti adds voice filters to calls

This new feature is already available in the Android app, if you haven't activated it yet, try updating the app. This functionality is not expected to be available in the iPhone app, bad news for Apple users, to be sure.

You just have to enter the official Tuenti application for Android, make a call and select the desired or most convenient filter for the call we are making.

The function of making digital calls with gnome or troll voices is available for Spain, Ecuador, Argentina and Peru where to make calls with The Tuenti application does not have any type of cost since they are calls launched through the 4G or WiFi network.

Tuenti is clear about it, it wants to offer something different compared to its adversaries and having an application with fun functions is something that attracts the younger audiencewhere they are the ones who will really take full advantage of this new functionality.

It is true that there are third-party applications that can distort voices in calls but it has never been seen from an official application from an operator like Tuenti.

Have you tried this new Tuenti functionality? What kind of voice do you choose the most?

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