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ISIS calls Anonymous "idiots"
ISIS calls Anonymous "idiots"

After the tragic events of last Friday, November 13 in Paris, the reactions do not stop all over the world. Now ISIS calls Anonymous "idiots" for declaring war on them on the Internet, and is taking precautions against their attacks.

Just today we learned that Anonymous had revealed nearly 4,000 Twitter accounts supporting ISIS. The work of Anonymous is commendable, because has shut down many ISIS pages, removed propaganda videos and denounced social media accounts.

Apparently, the so-called Islamic Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčArmy has commented on its Telegram account that the little Anonymous can do is hack Twitter and email accounts. Calls directly "idiots", but provides advice to his followers.

Anyway, the ISIS proposals are not exactly very advanced, and it seems more than likely that Anonymous will not stop with their systems.

ISIS calls Anonymous "idiots"
ISIS calls Anonymous "idiots"

ISIS Tricks for Newbies

ISIS advises its followers to avoid Anonymous, do not open suspicious links, do not talk to strangers or prevent their accounts of mail can be related to those of Twitter. Another suggestion is to use advanced services to hide geographic location.

Honestly, these are somewhat basic tips. They may help some newbies supporting ISIS on the internet, but the real terrorists will use much more sophisticated mechanisms if they want to remain undetected.

In the end, these tricks will not stop Anonymous's pursuit of ISIS, as much as they are considered "idiots."The problem is that Anonymous can do little more than prevent radical propaganda on the Internet, and the fight against terrorism requires more resources.

Anyway, the intention is good, and with Anonymous's skills, perhaps they can help somewhat in dealing with this serious problem.

What do you think of this topic? Do you think Anonymous are "idiots" as claimed by ISIS, or that they can contribute a lot in the fight against terror?

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