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ElRubius exceeds 13 million subscribers on YouTube
ElRubius exceeds 13 million subscribers on YouTube

YouTubers are now celebrities too, and with deserved merit, since it's not every day that you get 13 million subscribers on Youtube, and that is exactly what Rubén Doblas has achieved, better known as ElRubius.

The fashion of uploading videos to YouTube on various topics has spread like wildfire and more and more people are encouraged to create channels for video games, technology or music, among many other topics. YouTube has become a job where you can get real money.

ElRubius, 13 million subscribers on his elrubiusOMG channel

At only 25 years old, Rubén Doblas, popularly known by the nickname "elrubius", has shown that his hard work on the YouTube video platform has paid off after a long time effort and imagination.

ElRubius exceeds 13 million subscribers on YouTube
ElRubius exceeds 13 million subscribers on YouTube

After a long career since he started uploading Skyrim videos in the YouTube world, this boy with great charisma has managed to dazzle 13 million "little creatures" subscribers to his channel elrubiusOMG, a figure achieved by very few people in the world.

We're talking about nothing more and nothing less than could soon catch up with artists as renowned as Taylor Swift (with 15 million followers), Katy Perry (with 16 million subscribers) or Rihanna (with 17 million).

As incredible as it may seem, elrubius has videos like this one, which has reached more than 25 million views:

That boy has achieved something "epic", as he would say, in the history of YouTubers and has become a benchmark for many young people dedicated to this sector. Thanks to his ingenuity and his charisma, Rubén Doblas has achieved what many aspire to achieve but few can, a public that is fanatical about his work.

You may also be interested in knowing how much this boy earns per year, so we leave you this other article on the subject.

What do you think about ElRubius surpassing 13 million subscribers on YouTube? Do you think he deserves so many subscribers for his work? Do not hesitate to leave us your opinions in the comments.

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