Hoax on WhatsApp about Facebook companies spying
Hoax on WhatsApp about Facebook companies spying

The WhatsApp hoaxes occur day after day, implicating third parties who have nothing to do with said statements or who simply do not they are proven. Now one has appeared claiming that Facebook companies will spy on you if you attack the government in any way.

In this hoax, Facebook is mentioned as collaborating in a kind of conspiracy to protect the integrity of the Government of Spain, even spying to the people who make comments attacking him or who are against the management of the president by Pedro Sánchez and his team of ministers, in all this management of the coronavirus disease.

It is clear that WhatsApp hoaxes are dangerous, since many people may believe them and that can generate more social alarm than the one we already have these days in Spain, whose situation due to the coronavirus pandemic is already worrying.

And these hoaxes are not only dangerous because of the alarm they can generate, but also because taken to the extreme they can cause deaths, as has already happened in India.

We already left you an article some time ago where we gave you the keys to detect hoaxes on WhatsApp, which we think should remind you of its relevance.

There are hoaxes of all kinds from false information about the coronavirus, connectivity problems in hospitals and even false alerts from the Ministry of He alth.

Hoax on WhatsApp about Facebook companies that spy
Hoax on WhatsApp about Facebook companies that spy

In the hoax that concerns us today, it is especially serious that in a democratic country like ours citizens can be spied on simply because they do not agree with the management carried out by the Government. This hoax uses the cases that plagued Facebook a few months ago for giving user data to external companies, to now place the company of Mark Zuckerberg as a collaborator in espionageof Spanish citizens opposed to the current Government.

And there will also be those who may suspect that the Government itself could be behind all this so that the crisis we are currently experiencing does not take its toll electorally.

As you can see the hoaxes that circulate on the networks and specifically on WhatsApp, they can lead to all kinds of conspiracies, falsehoods, and slander with respect to any entity, whether public or private and causing unnecessary discomfort in a society, which is struggling against one of the worst situations for generations.

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