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7 ludo games to play with your friends
7 ludo games to play with your friends

Parchís is one of the most timeless games that exist. Technology allows us to adapt many elements of our life to be able to use them on our smartphone wherever we are. Therefore, next we will see 7 Ludo games to play with your friends

Parchís is a game that most of us will have played throughout our lives. Now, thanks to our smartphone or tablet we don't even need a board or some chips, but we can play ludo with our friends even though each one of them They are thousands of kilometers away.

Parchís STAR

This is the best-known online ludo. We will be able to play with many friends in teams, all against all, among other modes. It is an app that is available for both mobile phones and tablets. We can play from two to four players online.

We must emphasize that this game can also be played through Facebook on the computer, so we will be saving the different levels that we are reaching.

Parchís Queen

Some apps that we will see throughout the article have certain peculiarities that make the game more interesting In the case del Parchís Queen, allows us to play online with our friends, but also offers us the possibility of customizing the board in order to create our own game rules.


7 ludo games to play with your friends
7 ludo games to play with your friends

Probably it is the app that is least worked on visually. Although it is an app that does not allow us to play online with our friends, it is more designed so that we can play up to 8 players on the same device such as a tablet.

Crazy about Parchís

7 ludo games to play with your friends
7 ludo games to play with your friends

Although the interface is not the strong point of “Locos por el Parchís” either, we must comment that it is quite complete. We can play online with up to 4 friends, see the rankings, buy badges and even change the color of the board.

Parchís Online Gratis

As we have mentioned, each app usually has some characteristic that makes it special with respect to the above. In this case, apart from having the possibility of playing with our friends online up to 4 players, we can also create our own character within the game.

On the other hand, although the ludo board is a really well-known element, we always have the possibility to change its design through a points programdepending on the victories and achievements that we are getting.

Parchís Online – Ludo

Although it is quite visually appealing due to how colorful it appears at first glance, it is not one of the most feature-rich. In this case, it is an application with which we can play ludo online with our friends.

Like others we found on the list, "Parchís Online – Ludo" has different rankings for which we can competedepending on the victories we are getting.

Ludo Clash

7 ludo games to play with your friends
7 ludo games to play with your friends

Although it is a game whose interface is in English, it is really easy to navigate between the different options that it has thanks to its interface is simple and visual. In addition to having different game modes, we can access a quick chat where we can communicate with our opponents.

On the other hand, Ludo Clash has a level system through which we obtain new avatars and with which we can also compete in the different rankings.

As we can see, the options that exist are not few. Although we must know which one best suits what we are looking for.

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