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Facebook: new reaction to the coronavirus
Facebook: new reaction to the coronavirus

In a short time you will be able to show your support to any person or post on Facebook during the duration of the coronavirus pandemic through a new reaction that the social network has recently begun to deploy in the desktop version and mobile apps.

Reactions are one of the main options that users have to show their feelings on a Facebook post. At first there was only the classic "like", but the possibilities have been expanded in recent years with new reactions.

Although there are already different definitive reactions that have not changed, we have seen new temporary additions in recent years Surely you remember the reaction of the LGBTi flag or also the reaction of the purple flower as a way of saying thank you.

Almost certainly, the new reaction that Alexandru Voica, a Facebook manager, has presented on his Twitter profile, and that Facebook will launch to support people against the coronavirus will also be temporary and for the duration of the pandemic.

Face hugging a heart

The new reaction that users will soon begin to notice on Facebook is a icon of a face embracing a heart, thus denoting the support that person would feel who used it in front of a publication related to the coronavirus.

Facebook: new reaction to the coronavirus
Facebook: new reaction to the coronavirus

For example, it would make sense to use it when we see a post on Facebook from someone who is currently experiencing some of the symptoms of this virus and narrated them or could also be used in hopeful news about the coronavirus.

This reaction, as with the rest of the ones already available, is also animated and can be clearly seen as that face hugs the heart, a very tender animation. Located to the right of the “I love it”, will appear when you hover the mouse over in the case of the web.

In the mobile app it would be enough to make a long press to send any reaction to a Facebook publication and see the available list, there should appear. In any case, the new reaction of support has not yet reached everyone, it will gradually do so over the next week.

The same functionality is also being prepared for the Facebook Messenger messaging application, that is, a reaction of support regarding aspects related to the coronavirus, although here the reaction is in the shape of a beating pink/purple heart.

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