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Facebook Live Video reaches all users
Facebook Live Video reaches all users

Can you imagine being able to use your Facebook profile to broadcast your important moments live to your friends on the social network? Well now Facebook Live Video reaches all users, a perfect system for you to broadcast your birthday party to your distant loved ones, share cooking recipes or go public any other content.

The rollout of Facebook Live Video has been very phased. First it reached some celebrities, then Facebook pages, then iOS users in the United States… little by little it appeared in more countries, and received an Android version that a lucky few enjoyed. Well, now Facebook Live Video is officially launched for everyone.

It has been announced on his profile by Mark Zuckerberg himself, the founder of Facebook. Of course, like all Facebook services, will be distributed gradually Hopefully next week everyone will be able to use Facebook Live Video on Android and iOS, which are the platforms that receive it. Of course, we can follow the emissions in other operating systems.

Facebook Live Video reaches all users
Facebook Live Video reaches all users

Starting a broadcast with Facebook Live Video is very easy. A button will appear in the section in which we publish to start the video recording. During the broadcast our public will be able to comment and "Like". On the other hand, the broadcasts appear on the timelines as one more piece of content.

Facebook Live Video is not the only novelty of the social network

The truth is that Facebook does not stop improving small details of its service Although Facebook Live Video is a copy of Meerkat (which later imitated Periscope, owned by Twitter), other novelties are more original. Profile videos have recently been added, its messaging system will allow secret conversations and the company continues to work on increasing its security. Many interesting aspects!

So Facebook Live Video reaches all users. It's doubtful that it would become a widely used feature, but it was clear that Facebook had to respond to the live streaming craze that Twitter has spawned with Periscope. A controversial platform, because it is being used to broadcast pirated content.

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There have even been rumors that YouTube is going to launch a similar service. Now Facebook Live Video is available to everyone, and in a few days you should be able to start enjoying it on your Android or iPhone.

What do you think about Facebook Live Video? Do you find it interesting to broadcast live content, or do you not want to share your special moments on the social network?

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