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FreedomPop would offer annual payment rates
FreedomPop would offer annual payment rates

Although in Spain the plans have not turned out so well for the clients or the company itself, now FreedomPop would offer annual payment ratesthat were announced for the United States and possibly coming to the European market.

The virtual operator would be preparing a rate that includes 1,000 free minutes in calls to any operator, 1,000 SMS and 1GB of mobile data per month, regardless of whether the person is on the AT&T network or with Sprint's LTE, the price in dollars would be 49 per year, that is, about 4 dollars per month.

The service of this company founded in 2012 was focused on serving the public in the United States, but then FreedomPop has gradually internationalized, with its arrival in the United Kingdom in 2015 and in Spain in 2016 under the premise of a free basic rate that can be complemented with additional services that are paid for.

FreedomPop opens to the market

FreedomPop would offer annual payment rates
FreedomPop would offer annual payment rates

With the launch of this new annual plan, FreedomPop returns to its roots, concentrating its efforts on providing the market with very cheap mobile rates, but behind that is also the objective of catapulting the mobile business segment that is still in its infancy.

Now FreedomPop offers cell phones with included plans, such as the LG Tribute for $79 in the United States and the Samsung Galaxy S5 for $149, both terminals with the annual plan incorporated.

This strategy means that you can get a high-end mobile from two generations ago, in addition to a great rate, for 12.40 dollars a month, a strategy that will surely set foot on Spanish soil after everything that happened with the coverage and the change of SIM that has bothered users so much. We believe that FreedomPop would offer annual payment rates also in Spain.

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