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Create a real Pokéball for Pokémon Go
Create a real Pokéball for Pokémon Go

We were taking a while to see it but finally some entrepreneurs have given way to create a real Pokéball to play Pokémon Go as if we were authentic Pokémon people.

The idea comes in the form crowfounding where they need to raise $25,000 and promise to ship the Pokéball for $35 before making it available the sale if you help him raise the amount needed for mass manufacturing.

The idea is very successful because in addition to capturing Pokémon in the most realistic way possible, we will also have an external battery incorporated into the Pokéball.

It should be noted that although the invention is called " Official Trailer Ball" or "Official Coach Ball"has nothing to do with Nintendo or Niantic. That is to say, it is not an official product but the picaresque "GamerReality" which is the company that develops it has seen fit to play with it. name to confuse users.

They create a real Pokéball for Pokémon Go
They create a real Pokéball for Pokémon Go

Pokéball Test

The operation is simple, the Pokéball connects with our smartphone via Bluetooth and its camera detects the ball collecting all the movements what we do. The Pokémon Go app collects those movements as if they were the same ones we would do on screen.

We can appreciate how we can use it in two ways, throwing the Pokéball physically and emulating the movement when we have it connected to our smartphone or We simply do not have a physical space to launch it, such as a window for example. Something really practical.

The Pokéball battery can make two or three full charges to our smartphone (depending on the model). Something quite practical.

The developers have used the same technology as Snatchat for facial recognition and the prototype hardware was taken from a Nintendo Wii controller, a tennis ball, and a kinetic controller to interact with Pokémon Go.

You have until September 29 to be eligible for a Pokéballreal for Pokémon Go for $35 or $45 if you want two. The first deliveries will be made from December of this year and the second batch in February 2017.

Are you a Pokémon Go fan enough to buy the Pokéball?

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