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The iPhone 8 will have a facial recognition front camera
The iPhone 8 will have a facial recognition front camera

At this point in the year we already know many things about the iPhone 8, although new information appears again about new things that this terminal could equip, such as the possibility that iPhone 8 could have a front-facing facial recognition camera.

This new information is deduced from the appearance of a case in an online store where the possible front of the iPhone 8 is shown, which confirms some of the details that we learned a few days ago while others change.

Facial recognition system

This new image reveals that the iPhone 8 could have a facial recognition system in the form of a specific camera that would serve, for example, to unlock the phone. In other words, the iPhone 8 would have two front cameras, one for recognition and the other for photographs.

That does not mean that the iPhone 8 does without other systems for unlocking since the Touch ID fingerprint reader would continue to be present, although its location is unknown until now since the different photo leaks from the front they do not let you see it and it could even be integrated into the screen.

The iPhone 8 will have a front camera with facial recognition
The iPhone 8 will have a front camera with facial recognition

Apart from that detail, the iPhone 8 could also be one of the first phones to integrate a l on-screen fingerprint reader to the At the same time, that would allow you to reduce frames in the front and have a screen of more inches without increasing the size of the terminal.

What we can confirm is that if the iPhone 8 is finally launched in the coming months, it will come with iOS 11 that was presented weeks ago and brings interesting news.

What remains to be seen at the moment are two aspects that everyone would like to know today and that are still not known, the official presentation date and the price that could be somewhat high without know more details about it.

It certainly seems that Apple will bet this time to innovate in the iPhone 8 with the addition of the front camera for facial recognition in addition to frame reduction. It remains to be seen if each and every one of the leaks that we have been learning about in recent months and weeks are finally fulfilled.

Do you think the presence of a front camera for facial recognition is a good idea?

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