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Apple stops selling the iPhone 5s
Apple stops selling the iPhone 5s

The birth of the iPhone SE not only includes a new device in the Apple catalog, but also eliminates one of the most loved and hated iPhones from the Cupertino company. Apple officially stops selling the first generation iPhone 5s and iPad Air, to give way to the new smartphone models that will be presented this year and to the iPad Pro 9.7".

Apple knew that the most popular iPhone models are the 4" ones. Not all users of the bitten apple like to carry a 4.7" or 5.5" screen, so it has created a new smartphone with the power of its flagship, the iPhone 6S, but with the screen size of an iPhone 5s, to whichsay goodbye for good

Apple removes the iPhone 5s from its online store

Apple first added an all-metal design to the iPhone 5. This was the cause of many complaints, since both this model and its older brother, the iPhone 5s, had a chassis that was too weak and easily scratched or deformed. However, users who wanted a 4" screen only had this model to meet their needs.

Apple stops selling the iPhone 5s
Apple stops selling the iPhone 5s

Now with the release of the iPhone SE this is no longer a problem. Apple may get rid of the already obsolete iPhone 5s once and for all and offer its loyal fans a "proper" iPhone for those who want a small screen.

On the other hand, the arrival of the iPad Pro 9.7" also seems to want to take over from the first-generation iPad Air. Now Apple's tablet catalog is more closed and focused on offering users specifications that are more price-oriented and functional to what they need.

How about Apple stopping selling the iPhone 5s?

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