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7 UNO games for mobile
7 UNO games for mobile

UNO is one of the most popular games, so on this occasion, we will see 7 UNO games to play from your mobile.

Unlike other card games, UNO is a game that requires its own cards and any deck of cards is not valid. Today it is really easy to enjoy this type of classic games thanks to our smartphone.

Like other games such as Parcheesi or trivial, UNO is a game that many developers have taken care of adapting to our mobile phones.



This is the official mobile version of Mattel. In this case, we will have all the rules as we know them in the number and color card game only with additions.

If we cannot play UNO in person with our friends, this is undoubtedly one of the best options that exist within the application stores. The app has different modes so we can play from the classic version, play with friends and team up in pairs and even create our own rooms where we dictate our own rules.

Uno Friends

If we are looking for a simpler interface and a simpler version of the game, we may be interested in Uno Friends since it is a title for which, although it is true, it does not abandon or allow us to throw Lacking the ability to play offline, against other users or with friends, in general, it has fewer modes than the original game app.

Card Party


Although most of the UNO adaptations that exist in the app stores tend to be quite colorful, in this case, Card Party combines that color with the possibility to meet and connect different friends with their usernames and profile photos.

It should be noted that Card Party, in addition to having the special cards that we have within UNO, also has an additional 10 That would make the games more interesting. We also have multiple levels and rankings that we can use to gain positions in the rankings.

UNO Game

Some versions of UNO have different variants, thus offering the touch that each developer decides to give to their own game. On this occasion, through the gems we get we can unlock new letters.

On the other hand, we can also customize the look we want to have in the game, always in the form of a pet. In UNO Game we are allowed to customize the different rules so that we can choose how to play to our liking.

UNO King


Perhaps it is one of the most intense UNO games to play, because despite the fact that every day we play they will offer us rewards such as coins whose also they will be essential to start playing online.

Only if we win the game can we obtain more coins than those we have paid at the beginning to be able to play. In this case, UNO King also has a multitude of modes and the possibility of playing with our friends and competing online.

UNO Crazy

UNO Crazy is a title where we can create public or private rooms so we can play UNO with whoever we want Although, it's also possible to play locally against our mobile. The interface is simple, but it is very useful when performing different actions during the game.

Uno Card

7 UNO games for mobile
7 UNO games for mobile

Although it is probably one of the games in which it is least worked on visually, it is very useful and more than enough to be able to play different games online. In this case, we can play with fictitious players or go online with a username that we want, although we will not be able to add friends within the game.

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