Silent Mode on Facebook: what it is
Silent Mode on Facebook: what it is

We spend a lot of time on social networks and from time to time it's good to take a break, for which functionalities like the one prepared FacebookIt would be a silent mode from which access to the app would be blocked and we would not receive notifications

Facebook is quite concerned about the time we spend browsing, hence the appearance months ago of the possibility of knowing the time of use of the social network, but this novelty goes a step further because it would allow the user to temporarily stop using Facebook.

The closest thing that exists right now to silent mode on Facebook is the ability to temporarily turn off notifications from the application, in the In the iOS version there is a setting that allows you to enable this functionality, but it is not the mode we are talking about.

In the functionality prepared by Facebook, a window would appear when opening the social network after previously closing the app and having activated the silent mode, specifically informing that the silent mode is activated and remembering the time it will end.

Silent mode on Facebook: what it is
Silent mode on Facebook: what it is

During that period you would not receive any notification, which will allow you to forget about any news while the time you have set elapses, but not you should worry because once the rest time is over, everything will return to normal.

Of course, you could enter the settings directly and deactivate it since you would have a button to perform said action on that home screen that we are talking about. There you could choose a new date and time to mute notifications and restrict Facebook use

In any case, would become a major impediment to using the social network since you would have to go into settings and disable it, so you would probably wait for the rest period to end before trying to access Facebook.

The new Facebook silent mode is not yet available for Android and neither for iOS, although it is expected that it will appear soon through an update of the app for both platforms, which would happen in the next few days.

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