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What are Facebook pokes?
What are Facebook pokes?

You may not know it but on Facebook there is a feature called “touches”, a curious utility that is not talked about much and which you may not have ever used either. But, what are Facebook pokes really?

Possibly you remember the famous "buzzes" of Messenger that at that time would be to call the attention of your contacts and annoy them a little. The touches are somewhat similar to the old drones although it allows you to do a few more things.

Get attention or view profile

The touch on Facebook is mainly used to say hello to any of our friends, although they can also be sent to people who are not on your Facebook friends list. It is in this case when the most interesting thing comes.

By giving a “ tap ” to anyone on Facebook who is not among your friends, they are opening your Facebook profile for them to can view it temporarily for 1 week and thus decide whether or not to send you a friend request.

The user who receives the touch will have a notification that they have it pending and will be able to temporarily access your profile to view it. It certainly is useless for anything else, although there are users who use it to annoy from time to time.

To poke someone on Facebook do the following:

  1. Open anyone's profile and focus on the cover image.
  2. Search for a button from the three ellipses and look for the option “give a touch”.
What are Facebook touches?
What are Facebook touches?

If you want to access your Facebook touches you can also enter to see if you have pending or those that the social network itself suggests from the link you will see below. You can use this utility both via the web and in Facebook mobile applications.

Did you know what the touches were for? Do you often use Facebook touches?

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